fiji, new zealand and australia here i come, january 2009!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand Fishing' started by PESCADORTICO, Mar 29, 2008.

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    just got my tickets for my trip to the south pacific!!!
    i will leave lax and arrive in fiji stay there for about 2 weeks and receive new years there!!!
    from there its on to new zealand for another 2 weeks!!!!
    and finally to asutralia for my last 2 weeks!!!!!
    i am so stoked, this is the trip ive been wanting to do for the longest!!!!
  2. DavidM

    Early part of our Striped Marlin season in NZ and the Yellowfin should be around by then (if the commercials have left any from their slaughter in the Pacific). If you talk nicely to some of the locals on the NZ fishing websites I am sure you will probably get the opportunity to get out for a trip or two.
  3. KeenAs

    Any thoughts as to where you'll be fishing in NZ????
  4. venture 4th

    Thats a killer trip, you should be stoked. You've got alot of ground to cover in 6 weeks, so plan your destinations carefully. I lived in Australia for a 1 1/2 years, so PM me if you need any help with that portion of the trip. Have fun and live it up:hali_olutta:
  5. Pinoyfisher

    My wife and I honeymooned in Fiji. The water and weather was awesome. We picked a bad time to go, an attempted coup was going on at the same time as our vacation! Prices went up 3 fold!! It was like SD prices!! That sucked! We had to watch what we spent our money on. Fishing should be great. I fished from shore and caught small groupers, jacks, parrot fish, and so many others. It was basically a fish a cast!! It's like they've never seen a fish trap or croc. Did this for about a 1/2 hour until a resort employee tapped me on the shoulder and told me that I couldn't fish from the beach. The inner reef was protected, but, I could always rent out a samll boat with captain to fish from the outter reefs. Huh, go figure? Couldn't even afford that because of the f'in coup. FYI, the food there sucks!!! No flavor what so ever!!! Have a great trip in spite of my experience. I'd do it again, though, I'd invite some friends to come along. Post pics!! You can check out some of my pics here: MySpace
  6. le pasha

    Hi mate, I have lived in Australia my whole life, January is just when things start to heat up on the east coast for marlin fishing. If grander black marlin were on your mind then you are a few months late for the Cairns season however it is perfect timing for Port Stephens. PM me if you need anymore help......i have also fished fiji and can put you onto some good charters there as well as in australia.

    More importantly, what do you want to catch? Marlin or something like gt's and dogtooth on the reef?

  7. Sam Salmon

    Well that makes sense doesn't it-fish in a marine reserve have never seen a lure.

    So you went to one all inclusive resort where the food was poor and now you condemn every meal in the country?

    Give your head a shake pinoy boy-Fijian food is delicious-I know I've been there 3 times and never had a bad meal.

    PESCADORTICO-are you taking your own gear?

    Unless you are you'll be fishing with handlines out of pangas or paying big bucks for a cruiser.

    Fishing for Spanish Mackarel and GTs (occasional schoolie YFT) is good at that time but you need to go somewhere to get away from the crowds.

    Avoid the Coral Coast and while the Yasawas are beautiful they are part of a well worn tourist track.

    Matava - Home is an excellent option inshore and offshore- Kadavu is Old Fiji no Bee Ess tourist hustle.
  8. mozza

    January is a great time for Kingfish(yellowtail) in Auckland. if thats your type of fishing then send me a pm closer to the time and I am sure we can suss out a ride for you

    hell yeah, that sounds awesome. thanks for all the replies. i will be taking my own gear.
    let me say that in fiji, i mainly want to target the gt's and dogtooth tuna(dam they meanlooking) and i am thinking taveuni or kadavu, where do you think is better??
    in new zealand i want to target them big kingies, jus tlike the one drew(keenas) is holding!!!!! hell i was thinking of trying for them from the shores or rocks, hahaha. i see the place to be is around bay of islands, right?? is there any good fishing off barrier island??
    if not let me know where, thnxxxx
    finally in australia i want to go cairns for the barrier reef and fish out of their, but going for a grander wow that would be the s**t!!!! and i guess no better place than off australia.
    thnxxxx a lot for all the feedback from you fellas, i really appreciate all the help
    pura vida
  10. Sam Salmon

    Kadavu for GTs.

    For trolling Yozuri Bonitas in Blue/White worked best second best was Orange, also fast trolling Marlin lures over points on the inside of the reef old Marlin lures because the place is crawling with Barracuda who love brightly coloured things.

    Casting silver spoons and poppers works but it's tough because the water is so clear-fish are nervous because once they leave their hidey hole WHAM something bigger has got 'em.

    There are some places on that reef where you would not want to fall overboard.
  11. Pinoyfisher

    Sam Salmon-

    I spent 10 days in Fiji, visited 3 smaller islands and hit the main island with the airport for a little sight seeing, food was the same. There was even a couple working for a some travel agency there to scout out the digs, the 1st thing they told me, "The food is terrible". My wife even befriended an Australian couple also there for their honeymoon and they had the same complaints. So, it wasn't just me. It may be that the island (Malolo) was basically a start up in regards to tourism that the food wasn't that great.
    As far as the fishing, you're probably right about the fish not ever seeing a lure before. There was never any mention of a reserve until after the tap on my shoulder. But, when I went I did rent out a boat & captain, the local sure did recognize a lot of my lures that I brought along. I'm sure the locals fish from shore.
    Besides the food and prices, it was a cool experience and the people were extremely friendly. Their beer was great and Fiji is down right beautiful!!

    Head shaking not needed.
  12. KeenAs

    One of the best places for land based kings is the "far-North". . .basically it's the very top of the North Island. Spirit's bay etc. Really need to pick the wether well as this bit of coastline is seriously exposed to seas from the NW to the NE... It's about a 5-6 hr drive north from Auckland. With limited time, i would suggest sticking with White Island.

    There can be some very good Kingie fishing off the Great Barrier Island and i know just the skipper to get you there. I would suggest you get onto one of his weeked trips to the Barrier or a day's jigging.
    His boat is a 48 ft cat called "Diversity", skippered by Capt Damo, and he's on to it.. .. he must be, he let's me deckie for him;) from time to time. . . ..

    Get in touch With Mozza when your down here mate as he will see you right aorund Auckland.

    Very exciting mission your planning!!!!!!
  13. geno machino

    I need to make more money...........this trip of yours,sounds like the bomb. Good Luck and keep us posted,pls.