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  1. Daily Double

  2. Premier

  3. New Seaforth

  4. Dolphin

  5. Electra

  6. Dana Pride


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  1. calicokiller15

    Daily Double
    New Seaforth
    Dana pride
  2. so*CALpaddyhop

    Is that even a question? new seaforth.
  3. calicokiller15

    dolphin kicks ass!! absolutly GREAT CREW!!!, GREAT CAPTAINS, GREAT COOK, way better than anything iv been on
  4. Slater

    Yeah! Everyone should fish with RJ on The New Seaforth & stay off the others....:rolleyes:
  5. barracuda Killer

    american angler
  6. fisherbaby

    I second the Dolphin. Top notch crew!
  7. calicokiller15

    thank you

    besides the new seaforth just follows the "Dolphin" and drags seals to em

    its almost like a charter nobody is tooooo serious
    just right

    as for the daily double?? ehh didnt like it i saw the dolphin and wished i were there EXCEPT the DD had the best fillet job i have ever seen
  8. TadyHawK

    New Seaforth all the way!

    Thats all you gotta know
  9. calicokiller15

  10. calicokiller15

    come on
  11. calicokiller15

    wheres zman he will tell you how the new seafoth just follows us around
  12. Fishaholic L.B.

    New Seaforth by far
  13. calicokiller15

    what makes that boat better?
  14. TadyHawK

    Thats funny.. If New Seaforth just follows around the Dolphin..
    Why can't the dolphin can't catch more fish than the New Seaforth?

    When I see the California Fish Count.. New Seaforth has more fish than the Dolphin HAHAHA!
  15. TadyHawK

    RJ = Best 1/2 Captain

    Dolphin boat just scares away the fish.. They ain't god

    The dolphin leads the fish to New Seaforth
  16. so*CALpaddyhop

    ditto. NSF crew fucks up the dolphin crew anyday
  17. calicokiller15

    hahaha what a joke!!!!

    jason/frank are with out a dought THE best half day captains in CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!
  18. TadyHawK

    You mean.. Best half day captains can't find any fish for their anglers?
  19. calicokiller15

    ya right check the counts the dolphin averages out at 10 fish a person on the a.m. not including macs.

    NSF averaged out at 6 fish a person

    p.m. trip

    dolphin=almost 3 fish a person

    NSF=25 fish for 35 people doesnt sound good!!!!

    ya EXCACTLY plain and simple truth that is cold hard evidence BUDDY SO YA DOLPHIN KICKS ASS!!
  20. calicokiller15

    thats just what i thought