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Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Glad Wrap, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Glad Wrap

    Well the hard part was done. I got custody of my son, then his mom left the state and moved to VA.

    My son is four and autistic, his mom didn't prepare him for her leaving. Only said she was leaving and would see him soon.

    He goes to special education four days a week now and the entire month of July he will as well.

    The problem is his mom is fighting to have him the entire summer. She left him on the west coast with me and wants him during the "fun" parts of the year and to leave me with all the hard work. The thing is, when my son even misses a couple days of school, he comes back and the teachers almost have to start with square one with him. He needs to go to his summer school, it's proven to help him but the only thing his mom see is that I am keeping her son from her. I have tried to reason with her, nothing works and I see lawyers getting involved. There is so much more to my son than just this but he needs constant help and I have poured my heart into his education and fighting to get him even more help than he is getting now.

    So does anyone have a good family lawyer?

    Sorry for the pouring out, when it comes to my son I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  2. ConSeaMate

    Best of luck to you and your son.........
  3. pura vida

    I don't know of an attorney in Washington but, Good job Dad. Fight for your son and you'll win as the courts are much different today.
  4. dragonballs

    Scoot contact some of the families that may have gone through this or other tough situations maybe contacts from school or from support groups, talk to several attorneys before choosing one and check for references. the attorneys are always the ones that come out ahead...and their interest are typically in your bank account.. good luck
  5. Blackfish

    Don;t know any layers up in your neck of the woods, but I do wish all the best to you. Way to fight for your son!
  6. Salmon Hunter


    I work in the the criminal justice system (if that title really fits anymore) and have a lot of contact with family lawyers, etc. I will check and see if I can find someone somewhat close to you. as a side note, my son and I have been volunteering at the Autism Center here in the Tri Cities and both of us have found it to be a very rewarding experience. I will get back to you later today if I can.
  7. Elkfins

    I don't know any lawyers that specialize in family law but I do with you the best of luck.
  8. tambs

    Truer words have never been uttered. Tragic, but an evil necessity where kids' welfare is concerned.

    Stick to your guns Scott, and fight like hell for your son. I'd line up a entire horde of doctors, educators, specialists, psychologists, etc, and have them write up affidavits in support of your son, and of the necessity of maintaining a strict regimen to ensure your son has the most opportunity for success. The more you demonstrate to the court the importance of keeping up an uninterrupted schedule of education, the better your odds of prevailing.

    You're definitely ahead of the curve by getting custody. Washington courts rarely award custody to the male parent. Don't be afraid to get nasty to retain your hard-won battles thus far. Keep in mind you're fighting for your son, and attempting to do what's best for him. Demonstrating to the court that his mother essentially abandoned him will go a long ways towards attaining that goal.

    I've had some dealings myself with custody battles. I don't know anyone in your area, but if you'd like, I'll share what knowledge I have about the local talent in the Tri-Cities. Shoot me a PM if you'd like their names.

    Best of luck to you Scott.


    Scott check if you have a fathers rights group up there, non profit. They have helped me a lot down here in so cal. Good luck.
  10. Salmon Hunter

    I have a couple lines out to lawyer friends who think they will be able to put you in touch with a good advocate in your area.

    to concur with Toms sentiments, the advice of one of the lawyers I spoke to was to go against your natural instinct. be nasty and selfish if it is in the best interest of your child.

    hopefully, I will hear something tonight or in the morning.
  11. Dances with Fish

    Hi Scott, I had my wife send you a private message with a great attorney and his phone number. Good luck to you and keep us posted!!!
  12. Glad Wrap

    Thank you everyone for the replies.

    If anyone wants to PM with their experiences please do. I understand not wanting to air everything out on here.
  13. Pau Hana

    Keep records- all records.

    Text, email- hell, you may want to let her know that you are recording all conversations. The less verbal, the less "he said/she said" arguments you will have. Verbal conversations, as far as the court is concerned, never happened....unless recorded with permission.

    With my ex, I always tell her my best contact is via test/email- that way, I have records. While we don't have a custody battle going on, she is somewhat batshit crazy from time to time, and having the records is my ace in the hole should she want to try something stupid.

    Fight- but fight nice. The first time you lose your cool and blow a gasket may be your last.

    She moved out of the state- you have custody. The stability of kids especially special needs kids, take priority over her desire to 'have fun'. You can win this for your son- it's a game of chess, and you need to be 5 moves ahead at all times.
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  14. Stryker20

    :urno1: Best advice any man with woman trouble could ever get.
  15. xxlx7

    Hey brudda, my lawyer that helped me with my custody case, Don Bisgina, I don't know if he does further south, but he is the shit, reminds me of a old salt, doesn't take shit from no one, and makes sure respect is given when its deserved, not wanted

  16. blackmouther

    Keep fighting Scott it sounds like you are already half way there. It's horrible that Washington is so pro women versus logic.
  17. Glad Wrap

    Just a little update. She talked to a lawyer that in-turn called me to ask me some questions. Well she wasn't honest about everything and he told her that she will come out the loser. So she sent me a long email agreeing to everything I suggested. I am still working on the paperwork for everything and will pay to have a family lawyer go through it with a fine tooth comb before it gets served to her.

    I hate to play dirty but my son comes before play time with mommy.
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  18. Fish_kid

    Way to go Scott. Wishing you continued good luck!
  19. Elkfins

    Glad it's working out for you... one word of caution tho. Avoid talking directly to her lawyer if at all possible and if you do, be very careful about what you say. Those fuckers can be really sneaky.

    Whatever you do, don't let your kid go out of state with her... ever. You may not get him back and then have to deal with a child custody lawsuit in another state.
  20. tambs

    Great news Scott. Document that conversation verbatim as best you can, and get her email to your attorney post haste. I'm sure an attorney will want to get her "agreements" memorialized in a more formal fashion as soon as possible. A lack of response from you may eventually be construed as a rejection of the agreements delineated therein.

    I have to agree with Steve, however, and caution you against talking to "her" attorney. The only interests he is protecting are hers, and lawyers are masters at twisting things said grotesquely out of context to their client's benefit. If you haven't already, I'd strongly urge you to retain your own attorney, and refer any future attempts by her lawyer to communicate to your own legal counsel.