Fall Fishing Report (Pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'Oregon Fishing' started by White Cloud, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. White Cloud BD Writer

    It's been another great Fall thusfar on the catching front... Anything from trolling Herring in the Bay to fishing bait in the tidewater areas its been a good Autumn season....

    The fish are staging in the tidewater areas and the rivers are about to explode with life once these fish are given a little river water.... In the mean time, its going to continue to be fun in the bay & tidewater. Anyone interested in a trip, get in touch with me... The new look sled is a great platform to fish from in both the bay & tidewater areas....

    Tight Lines All :hali_olutta:







  2. Jason Admin

    Good looking fish. No by-catch?
  3. Hiouchi Mike

    Spot on. The salmon are thick up and down the coast it appears.
    Thanks for sharing pixs.

  4. Cornfed


    I've never had the chance to catch a 40 lb. King in 5' of water, but I bet it's a blast! Keep up the good work. The wrap looks great!

  5. chow

    those are some smoking nice fish! Wish my fall fishing had gone half as well