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    Planning a trip for March 10 to erendira. First time going.
    Does any body know how many hours does it take to get there from TJ.
    Is it just bottom fishing at that time? Thanks
  2. c sick

    Tony it takes less than two hours from the border,after your south of Ensenada it's maybe a half hour or so.Have a good trip don't forget some squid,the bottom fish love it.
  3. abdiver7777

    only bottom fishing....

    bring a small electric heater...those cabins get cold.....

    Extra steaks for the dogs so they leave you alone......
  4. curt lj.

    TJ-Enseaada 1.5 hr / Ensenada-Castros with new construction another 1.5 or so. Safe pace.
  5. BigJim619

    Are you going to Castro's? Diamond jigs and squid,can't go wrong! The guys always appreciate extra 5 gallon buckets and rope. Good luck ,and have fun!!!
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    how many oz. for the weights and jigs? what do they use the buckets and rope for? hopefully its not to hang us and put our cut up bodys in the buckets.:D
  7. captainpound

    Drums of acid for that.
  8. bobrehfuss

    3-8oz on the jigs and 4-12oz on the weights usually works. I was down there last weekend and the previously mentioned times are correct. Roads were good except the pinche construction below Maneadero. Buena suerte!
  9. surf launch

    Good surf fishing 20 min. north of there up at Punta Cabras, big barred surf perch, its worth the trip just to check out the place.
  10. abdiver7777

    20 minutes North?

    By boat or the frontage road along the coast as you leave the fish camp....

    I have ventured as far as the Abalone farm a few miles north of the camp.....

  11. curt lj.

    Next time you go head north on that frontage road and don't stop. Some nice beachs and then you will pop out at Santo Tomas. Fun ride.
  12. MateoFeo

    Good yak fishing over at Cabras. But watch the late night banditos, they like wetsuits. I bring my dog now. No more problemos.[​IMG]


  13. NumberNine

    My new long-travel suspension is going to eat that run for supper!
  14. FAT TONY

    woul i need a visa
  15. rex

    yes you woul
  16. MateoFeo

    You are supposed to have a visa if you are in Mex for longer than 3 days, or you pass Maneadero(pretty much Ensenada). 99% of the time you will not need it this far north. Probably only time is if you get into an accident they might ask you for it, cuz if you don't have it they can screw you. 20$ for 6 months, well worth the investment.
  17. FAT TONY

    Where do you get the visa at. I've gotten my license
    in ensenada and online on
  18. 1 Ola Mas

    pull into the right lane ant san ysidro. the gate will open automatically. drive thru and park. ask around for "migra" and go there with your papers. the bank is 2 doors to the left. take your visa to the bank and fork over some $. take your receipt back to migra and get the stamp for 180 days.

    go have fun, spend money and report back.
  19. FAT TONY

    is this is what i need?
  20. captainpound