Erendira/Castros 3-4

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Pancheke, Dec 6, 2010.

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  1. Pancheke

    Left early on Friday to Erendira after picking up 2 friends that would ride with me, others would follow, got there around 4 pm, decided to try some surf fishing, but the area was too rocky and it was getting dark so no chance to move, we decided to head in to the cabin and wait for the rest of the guys and prepare for a carne asada, the carne never made it so it was either avocado and salsa tacos or search for some chow in town.

    we were directed to a nice little restaurant, actually a home called Vannias cocina familiar, awesome burgers (not frozen) and chimichangas, since it was getting late and the carne guy would provide pots and pans, the nice lady from vannias let us borrow a pot for heating water for coffe.

    I really recomend you try this place, good food !! its a place were visitors from baja races and fishing, visit and leave a little something to remember there trip there, so I decided to leave something for future BD'rs and friends to see..

    we are back @ the cabin and our frind with the carne was still a no show, we were a little worried since this dude never fails to show up, specially when he had food for 5 more guys and my sleeping bag (dam it was cold that night) , we hit the sack in hopes he was O.K and would show up in the morning

    5:30 am and the carne no esta !!! my friend Vito calls him and he is O.K and @ home .

    so into the Panga to search for some taco meat, fishing was scratchy, some here some there, moved arround all day and everyone got limits of asorted rock fish, lings , reds, sheepheads, sculpin, among oters mixed in, we fished untill 3 pm and headed back to land, the idea was to stay that afternoon and leave in the morning , but we decided to head home that evening, we went back to Vaniias since they had offered to fry our fish , some of the guys wanted to head back soon so they had burgers and chimichangas again, the rest of us waited and had fresh whole fried fish..

    awesome day of fishing with friends and the service at Castros as always top noch, dont forget to try Vannias when you are there !!

    pictures were taken by Vito, I never took my camera out, i dont know why, lazy I guess

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  2. Captain Juan SQ

  3. Ali Admin

    Nice work buddy. That looks like fun.
  4. Pancheke

    Gracias vato, not as fun as being on a boat from Cabo to PV, congrats on that trip !
  5. VITO

    nice write up Pancho!!
    It was cool to have you on the"rastapanga"!!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
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  6. eddier68

    Nice!!!! good job guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. tattuna

    I miss Erendira y los Castros. Thanks for sharing. The bistec encebollada at Vannias is delicious!!
  8. bluedog38

    The BD sticker on the window was placed there a few years ago, by yours truly. Gloria does a great job. The Pelican's Nest crew will make at least 3 trips to Castros in 2011.
  9. Its 4 Reel

    Muy bien...