Epic Fishin Colnett on the "Voyager" 1.7.2012

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by harryo, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. harryo

    Left an hour late after waiting for the Visas to be processed. Still got down on the high spot for the tails early enough. We caught 3 yellowtail, but it could have been better if the damn Humboldts weren't harrassing us. Oh well, learned that Humboldt tenticles make good rockie bait & it stays on the hook.

    We had the usual limit style bottom fishing this time with a lot more quality reds.

    Jodi is da man & he leaves early to get down to the grounds. The best 12 pac charter boat around.


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  2. Tunahead

    WAY TO GO HARRY!! Nice report. Is that Dee Golden with one of the yellows?
    Nice grade of forkies and some damn nice Reds TOO! Glad ya' had FUN!
    Good to meet you finally the other day at Angler's. See ya soon!
  3. Captain Curt

    Nice quality Reds there Harry...........and a few tails in Jan. to boot. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Thanks for sharing.


    The boat Hanna............

    Great boat great crew and captain. I really like the way the Voyager was redone last year also.
  5. Simon Bon Bowery


    Nice yellow's and Rocky's..
    Saw you guys there yesterday, we were on the Dominator.

    We also had are hard time with the squid, left many of us thinking they would have chewed if the squid weren't an issue.

    The one yellow that was cleaned, had big chunks of humboldt in it's belly.
  6. Johnny J

    Nice, we were there on the Dominator. I got my limit of SQUID. Our total was 2 yellows, limit reds for most and some huge Lings. And somebody got Cow, cod that is. Great to see you Guys down there.
  7. spike

    Good Winter fishing, congrats to all aboard!
  8. Tunaslam

    Looks like a blast of a trip Harry, way to go guys!

    Those are some quality fish!!!!!
  10. Hoose

    Hey Harry, were they all on the yo yo? Cheers Hoose
  11. harryo

    Hey Hoose, first of all, Happy new Years! All yoyo, 6x heavy. Baits will be eaten & hooked by the Humboldts.

    Seaya ya at one of your seminars!
  12. Sherm

    NIce report and pics Harry. Some big reds on that trip.
  13. Tunahead

    HEY HARRY....is that DEE GOLDEN with one of the Yellows?????
  14. mangutzfish

    Yellows? Awesome! Haven't been out since Dec. 17 and going stir crazy. Great job and thx for the report.
  15. Anello

    Awesome pics!! Jodi is the man for sure. He did the same for us when we chartered the Voyager in September. Great operation there.
  16. Peg North

    Hefty reds! Nice!
  17. harryo

    Just had confirmed it a minute ago, Ron. None of the people was Dee Golden. Had to talk to Jodi to see who was in the pics. Sorry for the delay.


    Nice Codding Harry, is Ahn holding a big red. I just found out who she's related to. She is a blast to fish with.
  19. harryo

    Yipe, she is Jodi's mom. See where he gets his fish savy from.

  20. Tunahead

    NP Harry if not Dee, I know I've fished with him before...Thanks