Environmentalists are out of control!!

Discussion in 'Events Forum' started by Alfred, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Alfred

    The news this afternoon were reporting that Environmentalists are causing problems with the farmers. Smelt were getting sucked up into the water pumps, that pump water for irrigation of the farmers crops. The environmentalists want the pumps shut down. Farmers will be out of work then prices of food go up. Save smelt from being killed. Doesnt make sense that the Environmentalists are so powerfull. I would bet that if they investigated who backs these guys, it would be someone or somebody trying to ruin America and they are surely doing a good job.

    Natural fertilizer, they shouldn't even bitch

    "Endangered species take precedence over everything," Tracy-area walnut farmer Jim McLeod said. "Your food supply, your water supply is secondary to the Endangered Species Act. ... It's not logical."
  3. yknot

    not sure if this is dealing with the Delta smelt or not, but if it is, they are an endangered species, and this is due to the low water levels of the Sacramental delta etc. I'm sure the environmentalist over exaggerate, but just the same, I think we need to find ways to be more sustainable for this planet and those who inhabit it in the future...
  4. Marcus

    This is about the delta smelt. At some point there needs to be balance between consumption and conservation.

    The delta is having way too much water pumped out of it for farmers and irrigation. Salinity in the delta is up, this affects salmon smolts coming downstrteam as well as the lmb population in the delta.

    We put the farmers irrigation needs over the salmon a couple of years ago on the Klamath and it wiped out the run and we had a salmon closure last year and we're looking at another closure this year. Conicidence?

    Common sense from both parties would be good.

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