Ensenada Road Closed

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Bajabil3, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Bajabil3

    A truck hit the overpass in El Sausal and the Southbound toll road is closed tonight. Traffic is backed up below my house from El Sausal past the toll booth. Looks like a long wait now. I'll update in the morning.

    1AM Sat.
    The highway has reopened

  2. Kerbking

    Thanks for the updates Bill.

    Need a P.E. teacher for that orphange of yours???
  3. JTAP

    Is it open now?
  4. Bajabil3

    Yes the Freeway is open today. They drug the part of the overhead walkway that was down onto the side of the road and both lanes opened about midnight. That pedestrian bridge was put there because many people were killed crossing with the speeders comming around the bend into El Sausal. When comming into El Sausal slow down and watch for pedestrians crossing the highway, the speed limit is only 40 MPH, but most folks are moving alot faster.
    Also I just came back from town and there were 2 semis jacknifed and smashed into the big directional sign in front of the Marina Coral Hotel, traffic had to be diverted to the truck route for awhile. However, when I came back it looked like that had reopened.
    Also to Kerbking Thanks for the offer but their physical training is my department, that's why I opened the Orphanage, besides there are only 12 girls living here now. We have worked out a rotation system. . . . ie 2 girls per night get training and I rest on Sundays. However; I'll keep you in mind if I find more girls that are in need of some physical training. . . . . .
  5. Kerbking

    I could probably cover for you on Sundays so they don't get out of practice!?!?
  6. Adam12

    Bill, Thank You very much for the report. I drive thru there about every 2 weeks and I will now be going extra slow, watching for people crossing. I am sooo glad I wasnt caught in that mess.