Ensenada Offshore 6-24-2011-Lots of non-biting Bluefin

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Its 4 Reel, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. Its 4 Reel

    Headed out of my slip at Cruiseport Marina and headed for the 450. Had good info that tuna were seen here (Thanks FishDope!). Saw our first paddy 5-6 miles short of the hi-spot and before we could set up we saw large boils on the other side of the paddy. We had a very small amount of sardines and had been trolling cedar plugs and feathers for nada. We drifted and slow trolled sardines for no takers and as we drifted off the paddy fish would come up and boil. These were a nice grade of fish. We changed tactics and started trolling rapalas and a mirro-lure when all of sudden the ocean erupted off my port side. Huge school of leaping tuna that were not boat shy. I positioned the rapalas right in there path and there were no takers. Stopped and turned the boat to throw iron and mega baits and they were gone. The rest of the day the tuna became boat shy and would boil for less than a minute and would sink out. I had a couple of shots throwing the iron right over boiling fish but they would have no part of it. We trolled, chunked, butterflied, yo yo'd, skipped, flylined, engine off in complete silence, engine on with Metallica, Daddy Yankee, Doors, Tupac, Vicente Fernandez etc. blasting but couldn't even get a pickup or a knockdown. There was, and I say was, an excellent body of fish in the 15-100 lb range out there but they were moving fast and seemed to be moving north. Water temps were cool, 62.1-63.8 degrees. I'm sure they'll settle down and the seiners will be on them in no time. Hope some of us have a chance until then. Also there were no signs of albacore seen or metered.
  2. Its 4 Reel

    Almost forgot. We did manage 1 small yellow off a kelp and 1 blue shark. Also a buddy of mine got a kelp paddy yellow a little north of us.
  3. Grand Grouper

    Thanks for the report. Fishing and no catching. That's Bluefin for ya. Good to hear they are in one day range. It will happen.
  4. medunn16

    Double trouble!
  5. theBajabum Advertiser

    Nice report Louie,
    I'm going out tonight and was waiting for any kind of info before making the call where to go. I bait situation suck right now but I will pull every string posible to get a bead on what's going on.

    I'll come by the bar in a couple of hours.

    I would love to put the first tuna on the deck and get the season rolling hard. The first Tuna or Albacore will make us Rock Stars.........hahaha
  6. Beer Goggles

    So bluefin don't like Tupac either..interesting- wonder what Reverend Al would say about that...