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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by theBajabum, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. theBajabum Advertiser

    Lucas and Jorge have Selena out for the first trip of the season as I write this post. It's an exciting day to get her out after doing all the work and we are looking forward to a good tuna season. I will be posting the report today after 3pm.
    We have been working on her most of the winter doing lots of rebuilding and some new modifcations. Pulled her out of the water 4 weeks ago to sand and repaint the bottom and while she was out I replaced the shaft bearings and had complete alinment done on the shafts, transfers & engines.

    To give this fishing season a little kick in the ass, I am offering a nice discount for this coming weekend to fish Todo Santos or Solidad Reef to Bloody Deck members. Included as always is a case of beer, case of bottled water, bait, all gear, zip lock freezer bags, ice, captain, deckhand and a clean boat.

    To check out the boat see:

    She can fish up to 8 passengers.

    PM me or call 949 678 1187

  2. shrimpcocktail

    Ive been on this boat. Sick boat. Love the free beer. love the speaker system with ipod connects...
  3. theBajabum Advertiser

    Thanks man,,,,,
    Sunday just booked for Selena. Reports after 3pm

    JRed lll picked up 2 yellowtial, 30 Baracuda & 20 Rock Cod with 3 passengers today at the Islands.