Ensenada Fishing 4-5-09

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Its 4 Reel, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Its 4 Reel

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but hopefully that will be changing from here on out. Headed out of the Marina Coral on my boat the It’s 4 Reels! with Victor and Ruben who are both from Ensenada. Heard from a couple of captains that there was no live bait available so we headed out armed with artificials. Word was that the bonito were thick and the yellowtail were a no show the last couple days. We decided to start the day off north of Todos Santos Island and troll towards San Miguel Reef. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and water temps ranging from 58.5 to 60.8 degrees throughout the bay. Nothing was happening out there and a good friend of mine who captains one of the local 6 packs called me into the bonito bite that was happening to the north. We picked up the trollers and headed towards the north end of Todos Santos and there were bonito boiling everywhere. I’d like to say it was wide open but it wasn’t. We worked for every single fish. The bonito were feeding on 2 eyes and a wiggle baitfish which meant trolling smaller rapala style baits. We did manage a few on the iron but you needed to cast right over breaking fish in order to get bit, basically it was short move, running and gunning style fishing. Here I am with a nice 8 lber on a chrome and blue Tady 45:


    Here is Ruben with another jig fish:


    After doing the run and gun thing for awhile we went back to trolling and found a group of new fish closer to Punta Banda. Here is Victor posing in between sleeping off a major “cruda”:


    Ruben fighting then catching a trolled caught bonito:



    We had run out of cerveza so we headed for the Bufadora where Victor insisted he could swim to shore and buy some more, which of course didn’t happen:


    We ended the day with 9 bonito from 6 to 12 lbs and one lone sand bass caught on a plastic inside Punta Banda. It was great to be back on the water or in Victor’s case in the water:


  2. Josh D

    Good hear about what's going on down there, sure miss that place.
  3. Its 4 Reel

    It's all good...no problems to report, only cold beer, good fishing and good times.
  4. Bigfish69

    Good size bonies,,,nice job fellas.

    One more thing, hows the bait in coral right now? Heard its getting hard to get good ones,,,is this true?


    nice BoneFish... I havent fished out of Ensenada yet, but am thinking of coming down to check out Vonnies Fleet out of Punta Bunta. any suggestions?
  6. Its 4 Reel

    I'd have to say don't think about it just do it. I've never fished Vonnies but I have heard nothing but good things about there operation.
  7. bigeye2k

    Cool Louie
  8. vl619

    nice bonies!
  9. eljurel

    Hey nice meeting you at the ramp, hope the water warms up and the bait becomes more available too
  10. Its 4 Reel

    It was good meeting you also. Maybe we can do a buddy trip soon.
  11. eljurel

    As soon as Albies or any good sashimi is in range it would be great...
  12. Bigfish69

    Dont worry about me, i really didnt care wheather or not they had decsent bait in the coral.

  13. Tunaslam

    Way to go Louie, glad you made it out and caught some fun bonito!
  14. rickyroz

    Just came back from fishing 3 days with Vonnys Fleet. I caught a 32 pound yellowtail and similar size bonito to what Louie caught. Plenty of LingCod , white fish and ..Ivan runs a good outfit and Beto Zamora the best panguero I've ever had. good to hear you're out fishing Louie
  15. Big Pancho

    Hey Louie nice job on the Bones. Let it warm up a bit, and me and the kid will come down to kill some fish with you. Been a bit busy making some new swimbaits. Those ensenada Calico's don't have a clue what kind of beating there gonna get this summer. Well good to hear everything going good for you and your back on the water. Till next time

    Big Pancho
  16. rrpescador

    que onda mentiroso? Pappas back