Ensenada Fish Report Great Day Good Fishing 4/18

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by urbanlink, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. urbanlink

    Left Saturday 4/18 on a cattle boat out of Sergio's Sportfishing. Weather was beautiful with calm seas and little wind.
    Thankfully I brought all my own tackle as the loaner poles had seen better days and all were set up for bottom fishing. We headed to the Northeast side of Todos Santos Island with frozen squid. En route we came across a bunch of birds. Captain says throw iron so I threw a small blue and white Tady on a Curado 300 and inshore Terramar. Hook up!! Line goes out. I was running 12lb as the boat was mainly targeting reds and bonita. I thought I hooked a big Bonita and I was kind of embarassed cause it took a while to get him up to the boat. When I got color I realized I had a yellow!!!
    First one ever. He took off again and eventual came back for a successful gaff.
    We fished for the rest of the day as the winds picked up and the sun came out. Two more yellows were landed and more schools were seen but didn't want to play. We also got 7 good size Bones with numerous decent size reds.

    6 people on the boat, beautiful weather, my first yellow, friendly knowledgable deck hands and captain, all with a hot chick. Can it get better? I think not.

    I have to say I was overly impressed with how geniunely the deck hands and captain fished. They were always moving chasing the tail with enthusiasm and smiles. They really made my first trip out of Mexico a memorable one!

    I also want to Thank Jay from ensenada.com for being so helpful. I sent a PM telling him how hesitant I was to book the trip online. He left his number and told me to give him a call. I did and he assured me everything would work out and it did. I booked hotel and charter and not one problem to speak of. It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for what you do. You helped to make my trip one of the best trips I have been on period!

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  2. urbanlink

    Sorry for double pics. I wasnt sure if the attach deal worked....
  3. Jason Admin

    You can post her double anytime. Congrats on a good trip! How did you find Jay?
  4. aguachico

    What hotel did you stay amd where did you park?

    Glad to see the YT moving in.
  5. marlyn

    please let her hold all your fish in pictures,that way you can concentrate on photos
  6. urbanlink

    Thanks! I had seen one of his posts here on BD. Great guy and super helpful. He fricken loves Ensenada!
  7. urbanlink

    We stayed at the Santo Thomas which is right across the way from the Marina. We parked there Friday night and didn't move the car once. Parking is patrolled during the day and gated and locked at night.

    They are definitely there and in numbers. Captain said water was reading 63.
  8. urbanlink

    Hahah I will take that as a compliment. She says to find investors for toplessfishing.com
  9. Ali Admin

    Nice work and congrats on your first yellow. You'll remember that forever.

    More GF pics would be great. :D
  10. theBajabum Advertiser

    Right on urbanlinkster.
    I'm glad you had a good time.
    Hope girlfriend didn't mind us meeting up on headbanger night at El Punto Bar. haha
    Metal is not for everyone these days :-)
    Yep, the yellows are starting to pop in this warm weather.

    You can now see first hand that Baja is not the war zone that you hear on radio and TV these days in so-cal.

    Let's keep in touch and I'll invite you and girlfriend to go out on Selena. Albacore should be showing up around the first on June.

    Thanks again for the props mang.
    Baja or Bust

  11. urbanlink

    Dude she loved it! She was so stoked on the whole trip and can't wait to get back down there.

    Yah I have been down there no less than 10 times in the past couple months and haven't run into a problem once. I even blew a tire on the stretch in between El Rosario and Bahia de Tortuga at 3:00am. No jack, the flashlight I had had been on the whole time so the batteries were dead. 2 male 2 female all Gringos. First car to pass turned around and came back. 4 guys from TJ helped to change the tire and gave us farewell. It pisses me off to hear about all the bullshit.

    For sure that would be bitchen. I have a couple buddies with boats here in town. I will let you know next time we go out if you want to do some local fishing.

    How could I not? You seriously went above and beyond. You have your heart into what you do and that is the coolest part. If I can ever be of any assistance please let me know.

  12. theBajabum Advertiser

    no hay problema
    We'll keep in touch
    see you soon.........................

    Gracias por todo
  13. aguachico

    Thanks for the info Chris. I panga'd my kayak to the point a few years back. Instead of staying at the Santo Tomas, I stayerd around the corner at a dumpier place. Nearly froze to death. The pipes to the toilet started leaking - what a f'n nightmare to save $20. Never again. Anyway I hear there's a good restaurant across from Santa Tomas - has a gorilla on it. You can order good take out there. I'll have to try it sometime.

    As for your flat tire on the Rosario pass at 0300 and no jack.... Do your girlfriend a favor and take care of business. Jack, headlamp, road side emergency kit. I sturdy piece of wood to keep the jack from sinking into the sand.

    If you are making that run again - pm me. We may be on the road at the same time.
  14. BajaBass

    Hey Art, stay out of that "restaurant". Chris, go get em'. Fishing is only going to get better, and Mexico is SAFE. I meet Jay several years ago at Tequila"s, a bar owned by a friend of mines family, right across the street from the hotel you were at. Nice guy!
  15. Grand Slam

    Great report........ Thanks
  16. theBajabum Advertiser

    ""Killing Fish-One Taco At A Time""

    That's epic............

    Tequilas is still there but it's not what it was.
    Liz is cool but I fist hooked up there when her brother opened the place "Roman"
    I can remenber Roman closing the doors with some chicas in the place and opening up the bar on the house. That dude know how to party.
    Ni Modo.................
    I'm hanging out at Gila Bar (in the costa baja hotel) and El Punto bar these days when I get out.

    Fishing season it almost here..................Can't wait for Albacore/Tuna/Dorado & BIG yellowtail...................