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Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by reellady, May 29, 2012.

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  1. reellady

    Qualifier 105 Update: I have had a ton of inquiries about what is happening with the Qualifier 105. Some of you were confused by my reply email to John that I also BCC'd you. Here is what I know directly from John or his crew. Two crew members tell me they are out of money and going under. John called me and said he was canceling trips and trying diligently to get anglers on other boats and salvage as much of their deposits as possible. I also understand from a crew member that the Coast Guard has them shut down pending some major repairs before recertification for passengers and there is no money to do the repairs. The boat was losing money and there are no buyers. John called me to explore other possible uses for the boat and also asked me to help him to get his passengers on other boats. I am trying to help John and his passengers secure spots on other boats and hopefully get as much credit for their deposits they have on their Q105 trips transferred to other trips. I know that some of you have deposits with the Qualifier on a trip. If you have a deposit on a Q105 trip being canceled John is suggesting find the exact trip and date you want to get on, tentatively book the trip, let me know and then we'll see if John can transfer some portion of your deposit to that new boat. I have no charters on the Q105. I am completely unrelated to the Q105 and this problem, and doing this only as a favor for John and more importantly the Q105 customers with whom I have previously fished. So, I hope we can fish together again soon. I have attached my schedule again for your reference. If you do not have a trip on the Q don't worry about it. email from Larry Brown
  2. Carl

    Ruh roh.....
  3. JSR

  4. NachoOne

    Reel Lady, Thanks for stepping up and trying to get us on another boat and save some of our deposits. However, but I booked my Q105 trip to be with firends who could help me get on and off the boat and even help me setup my gear as I am handicapped, but I keep trying. I even made arrangements with Tina to be in the top cabin so I did not have to go/down the stairs because I know but the third day on a boat, I can barely fish let alone climb stairs. Yes, I now remember her telling me to send in the money so they would hold the cabin for me, I have no interest on getting on another boat, nor going without my support group to help me fish. In no way do I think Tina was the fault. But for sure someone is.
    So, am I out the monies I give John in good faith?
  5. reellady

    I deposited $2,648, included visa and license for the Oct 30th trip months ago...I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. calicopro

    I can't believe this!!!

    I've got 2100 plus tied up in a trip that was to leave June 23rd, and I'm not even going to get any cash back???

    I was scheduled to go on a skiff trip to fish calicos, now I'm out a couple grand...Priceless
  7. fyermn

    Some of the Long Range boats recommend that you buy TRIP INSURANCE, and they even recommend an Insurance company.

    If you paid up front monies with a credit card, talk to you credit card company, they should be able to help you get you monies back.

    It is NEVER a good thing when this happens on any business front. I have always enjoyed fishing on the QUALIFIER 105, and I can bet that John is probably experiencing some blood pressure and stomach problems right now. He is really under a lot of pressure from all fronts. I hope things work out well for ALL involved.
  8. FishinSturgeon

    This truly is a horrific time for everyone. I booked a trip a couple years ago, and literally 2 days after I sent in my money we found out my wife was pregnant and the approx due date was during the time of the trip. It took an act of God to get my money back from these guys, I made so many phone calls and bashed them wherever I could, 4 months later I received my refund minus 25% for their "handling" and also "discounted trip price" I am not here to bash them again just to tell my story, in fact last week I was contemplating giving them another shot on a July trip, glad I saw this before I committed. As far as the handicap guy goes, the Shogun has a terrific topside room, call Andrea and she will hook you and your 2 friends up. good luck to all with deposits, I hope you get them back and an opportunity to fish on another boat.
  9. afraser

    This is a like a bad soap opera. The fleet needs to step up and get ahead of this and book the passengers who paid deposits. It is bad for the entire industry if one boat goes under, especially if the deposits are not honored.

    Imagine how much good will could be generated if one or a couple of boats said they would honor deposits made by giving credit for future trips. Sure it would cost something, but not too much, especially since most boats don't fill all of their trips.
  10. conchydong

    Good point Aaron. The other 4 Long Range Boats, I believe the AA, Indy, Vagabond and Intrepid, that fish out of Point Loma could work out something through the Landing. I heard that JK owns a piece of the Landing.
  11. dweston

    This makes no sense to me at all. Let me get this straight my competition goes out of bussiness for what ever reason and beacuase one is in the same industry they should "step up" and pay for someone elses losses. Everything up till now is speculation, why not wait and see what is actually being done before casting stones. jmo
  12. conchydong

    Not sure exactly what Aaron was thinking but my thinking is that if JK is cash strapped, the other boats could "honor" the deposits and deduct it from any Landing rental fees that would be paid to JK over a period of time. That is if indeed he owns a piece of the Landing. I wouldn't expect any boat to absorb the full costs.
  13. TopMpg

    Everyone with a deposit paid should get 100% back. In fact, maybe a 25% cancellation fee should be paid by the boat owner. After all, they chrage a similar fee when a client canceals. It is not the other long range boats responsibility to cover the "Qs" deposits.

    JK should step up and post what he intends to do for his customers to make things right and do it. Apparently there are a lot of his clients on this board that would love to hear from him. Come out from under your desk and step up JK.
  14. Saluki

    I bet I know how you're voting in November..............
  15. afraser

    The issue here is that if your competition goes out of business and it undermines the confidence in your business, it becomes your problem too. That is exactly what is happening. Why not flip the problem around and make it a positive? As I mentioned very few boats sale 100% booked every trip. The cost would be minimal if they have slack capacity (which they do). Shoot, they could even overbook trips by 1-2. I'm sure the other passengers would understand. I would.

    A remember when a bank suddenly closed a number of retail outlets. Another bank sent a representative to wait outside of all of those locations and provided bonuses to anyone who switched to their bank.

    I'm just saying, doing nothing and just letting the Q105 customers twist in the wind is not only bad for the other boats, but it is also a missed opportunity. I'm just looking at it from a business point of view. I personally have no dog in this fight either way.
  16. riverrunner1984

    Yep pretty much says it all :rofl:
  17. afraser

    Absolutely, but if the money ain't there... Not saying it isn't, but the only data point we have is a hearsay email saying they will try to get a partial refund or get people on other boats. The likelihood of getting a cancellation fee is zero. I'd put money on that ;).

    The other boat have no responsibility to other customers, but why not take it as a business opportunity? If you were a paying customer, and another boat honored part or all of your deposit, would have be less likely or more likely to return to that boat in the future? There are only a few thousand Long Range fisherman on these trips, wouldn't earning the loyalty of an extra 100 fisherman (or more based on how they talked about your operation) make difference every year? I'm just saying...
  18. afraser

    I know what I'll be catching :). Moo.
  19. calicopro

    I spoke to JK directly last week, as he called me to let me know what was going on...

    He said he did not have the money to pay folks back, he said he'd get it by either selling the boat or who knows. I gotta say I believe the guy, but when you don't have the cash in the first place, it definitely does not help in the confidence department.

    I like JK, he's a good dude, but that has ZERO to do with my Cash, especially considering what he's up against.

    Thank God I paid some of the full price with CC...
  20. albacore11

    I feel sorry for all you anglers who have paid your monies for future trips on the Q105. From what I have been reading on the various threads on this topic it appears that the monies paid for future trips have been used to pay the expenses for the current trips. This is NOT good. Makes you wonder how long this has been going on. If these were investments, it would be called a Ponzi Scheme. Hope you all come out of this with your deposit/trip payments returned to you. This will definitely leave a sour taste.