"El Navigante"

Discussion in 'Home Built Fishing Lures' started by el capo, May 1, 2012.

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  1. el capo

    will be en route to la paz this morning with H.E.L. in tow. Thanks again Joey, not only for running this stuff but for being a really good friend for so many years. I hope you knock the shit out of them!

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  2. FAT CAT

    Yep - those will work well here. BTW the molds and skirts were picked up last week.
  3. el capo

    Yeah I spoke with my friend and he was very happy. Thanks again Bill you rule. And run south a little further for a view of the picket fences. Ty told me they are showing big time. I'm pretty sure you already heard though. Take care champ.
  4. FAT CAT

    Mikey, we've got lots of fences showing here too. It's been at least 5 years since I've seen this many marlin in Palmas Bay (I saw at least 60 one day last week). The bite is a little picky now, but as long as they stick around the season is looking good.
  5. spike

    I had a beer with Joey the day after he picked em up in Point Loma, he was excited to drag them! Nice work Hull's!
  6. el capo

    They are pretty "Simple" lures if you ask me. Look what the other guys are doing these days, it is pretty impressive compared to this. Thanks for the vote of confidence though Spike.LOL Next winter I will come out with some new stuff.
  7. el capo

    5 minutes in the water, one marlin. Jetted "Baby Bushpig"

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  8. FAT CAT

    The results were never in doubt.