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  1. Bad Dawg

    Arrived on the Banda Bank at 0430 in the dark. The full moon was clouded over, flipped on the up and down and started hunting for Giant Squid at the North End where we left them last Saturday. On board was Edward Chang, Brian Lam, Juan Lu and me. Everyone was ready with their Ahi's and Juan Lu and me had Promar Lights attached. We dropped on every meter reading including some 400 foot drops to the bottom for nada until first light and we were on a rock. We lifted some hefty red vermillians on board, sometimes 3 at a time. My personal best red at 8.1 pounds pulled the scale spring pretty good. Also I caught the biggest white I have ever seen at 6 pounds and only one ling was caught by Edward at 6 pounds. I took the white out for dinner at Las Cazuelas where Loreto fried it and covered it in garlic. Pesca frito. I couldn't finish eating the first side. The bocaccios were all big in the 6 pound range and mine coming off of a Gulp twin tail in glow. As the morning progressed the catch diminished while I was metering large clouds of rockfish, they stopped biting. As I moved South we got less reds and more starrys off the meter readings. The winds were about 5 knots, the seas were one feet and glassed out by 1:00 p.m. when were were all pooped. On the way in and just at Todos Santos Island South and in "The Gap" as we call it........we were run down by a Navy boat and they put one sailor in SWAT gear on my boat to check papers. He didn't speak any English and I was lucky to have Juan Lu on board as the guests spoke Chinese. He asked for my U.S.C.G. Documentation, my Mexico registration and importation permit, and my Boat Dep't of Pesca Permit. He did not want to check for individual licenses while we all had them. He made Juan Lu sign, Edward sign, and me sign. All 3 of us signed in designated places. Back at the dock at 3:00 p.m. A friend of mine said he was metering some strange shit at the San Jose beach. After describing it all, it sounded like the Giant Squid to me. You might conclude that they have moved South, which is where they came from. If you want to fish rockfish on the Banda Bank get there at first light.

    Bug_eye.jpg Patrol_Boat_Tweaked.jpg
  2. BigJoe

    Thanks for the report, looks like the Mex Navy is out in force lately.
  3. PHT

    Mexico has a Navy???? Protecting what? HA HA! Where are their Marines? How much to buy them off now? Three tacos, a map of hollywood and a Playboy!?!
  4. AlbieNut

    We all know about the Boat Dep't of Pesca Permit requirement. However, under what situation a private vessel from the US will be required U.S.C.G. Documentation and Mexico registration and importation permit when in Mexico. Are these also required for vessels under 24'?
  5. Papa "J"

    I don't think you can get uscg documentation on vessles smaller than 25'. Just make sure you have your registration and mex boat & fishing permits & you should be fine.
  6. Bad Dawg

    U.S.C.G. Documentation Certificate is required of all DOCUMENTED BOATS. Documentation is required for the operation of vessels in certain trades and serves as evidence of vessel nationality. With certain exceptions, any vessel of at least 5 net tons which engages in the commercial trade (usually 25 feet or more) qualify for documentation. A main benefit to documentation is fewer problems are encountered with foreign officials when abroad since Customs officials all over the world are familiar with documentation. You can also operate your vessel in any waters of the U.S.A. without going through each state's registration procedure. Some financial institutions require a vessel to be federally documented because it is only on a U.S. documented vessel that a lender can adequately perfect its security interest in that vessel. These are boats that are not registered with the DMV. So you will have on board either the Documentation Certificate or your California DMV registration. The 10 Year importation permit is called the "Permiso de Importacion Temporal" or "Temporary Importation Permit" and is required if you become a long term tenant in a Mexico marina. This is the Mexico registration permit I was referring to.
  7. AlbieNut


    Thanks for the information.