East Coast Schools West Coast 6/7/09

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Bada Bing, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Bada Bing

    Fished one of our SD honey-holes with Jonny (Phat Boat), my neighbor Logan and Logan's bud Brian who's out here on vacation from Jersey.

    So, being the great west coast halibut fishermen we are :rolleyes: we proceed to give up our great knowledge base to Brian regarding the proper way to catch a halibut. Brian is an experience east coast fisherman and was quite gracious listening to our diatribe all morning long. Nevertheless, looking back on it now I'm sure he was just thinking "Shut the fuck up and let me fish" :D

    So as the day went:
    1st fish of the day was a very nice cabezon (released, disregard date, stupid camera)

    Second fish of the day was 26" of flat (EC 2 - WC 0)

    3rd fish was a copper rockfish (no pic but EC 3 - WC 0 :rolleyes: )

    Finally WC steps up and lands a nice 10lb Flat (by yours truely thank you :D EC 3 - WC 1). WC then chimes in with another copper (EC 3 - WC 2) but it was too little and too late as we ran out of bait and called it a day around noon. Fun morning on the water, excellent drift conditions and tide, green but clear 64F water.

    Thanks again Jonny for another fun day on Reel Deal!!
  2. Carl

    I can't believe Jon let you kooks outfish him...Picknose....Must a used his mojo up on that monster on Sat...Glad you showed the Jersey boy a good time and got him into fish.......
  3. crazy hawaiian

    Come on Bada Bing, THREE fish is not showing a beatdown! You ca do better than that. I hope the east coast guys showed some class and at least congradulated you on your "win".
  4. Bada Bing

    Well T,
    It was more of # of fish caught vs biggest fish tourney but indeed I did get my "atta boys" :D and remember there were 3 WCs vs only 1 EC, so IMO, dude did school us :D Talking to Brian later he said he was just fishin' like he fishes flounder on the EC, jigging his bait along the bottom...go figure. :D
  5. gardenmartha

    Nice to see you guys yesterday. It was windy out there. Glad you had some fun!

    WC woulda taken EC out if there'da been a certain WC chick on board...no not Carl:cheers:
  7. crazy hawaiian

    Don't laugh about the "jigging his bait along the bottom...go figure." thingy. I've caught a lot of fish just twitching jigs lightly straight under my boat. It's as close as you can get to just laying on a river bank with a bell on the tip of your rod, and I guess with a straw hanging from your lips. Dumb fish!