Discussion in 'Tommy's Specials' started by M/V Santa Rosa, Aug 18, 2009.

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  2. JimPat

    That 12 lb'r could wrestle my cat. Problem is that when they are done I wouldn't have a pot big enough to put him in.
  3. fishpainter

    You better get used to feeding them,thats a big ass bug.
  4. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    I watched em crush a live scallop this morning. Turned that shell into dust real fast.
  5. Bigfish69

    12 pound,,,thats gotta be a large claw.

  6. geofisher

    Show us pictures of them!
  7. sealtaco

    That should be COP's mascot
  8. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

  9. Jason Admin

  10. fishpainter

    all three of you have your claws out.Nice Tommy.

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  11. roxfisher

    Geez--put a saddle on them and charge the kiddies for bug rides--

    Maybe they overtook the lobsta fishermen back east, commandeered the boat and came out here on a worldwide sea adventure
  12. doughnut

    Burros right there!
  13. Bigfish69

    Jumpin langostas,,,,those things are a little scarry. The one on the left has arms as big as yours Tommy! LOL

    Wish i had money i would be getting 2?

    Times are tough for me right now.

  14. jagerhunchback

    hey tommy is having these kind of an oddity? i'd to order a big bug for when i get home in a month and a half, if not i'll just hit you up for a number of the smaller guys.
  15. M/V Santa Rosa Advertiser

    yeah, we dont get em at all. I have no clue as to where these came from and i do know they taste really good with butter, I ate a 7 pounder last night,,all by myself
  16. ConSeaMate

    Do you suck that goop out of the head?.......
  17. Bottom Line

    Those are freakin' juveniles - we used to order lobsters & steamers from back east...one time we asked them to send us the biggest one they had for Portuguese seafood stew...they shipped us a 30 pounder...
  18. KNTMMF

    OMG Tommy!! Those are friggin huge bugs! Maybe you can get Rubin from channel 6 to buy some...:)
  19. Bigfish69

  20. Carl

    Rubin doesn't pay in $$$$...