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    Hola from the Fish Guru and Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort!!!
    Epic week. Hold on to your hats (or whatever you hold on to). We have had a Huge Change, the Humboldt squid showed up. The tuna showed up, and the marlin (yea) are following the tuna into the East Cape. We had the Tompkins group here which included Hal & Sandy Tompkins and their close friends Bob & Jerri Swenson. They went out on the Dottie B II with captain Vincente and his deckhand Ernesto to approx. 23-26 miles from the resort. They broke the week wide open when they found 77º water and a huge school of porpoise. They trolled the cedar plugs & hoochies and ripped the tuna a new one…Smaller size but good for the old folks (lol). The week just kept getting better as Richard Murphy and Kevin Priestly found out. Richard & Kevin, from Newport Beach, CA and Huntington Beach, CA found the warmer water and the porpoise again. They caught a bunch of footballs then their captain decided to troll a live caballito. BOOM MACHACA!! Hook-up on 30# test with spectra backing on Shimano Trinidad 30. Three hours later, Richard brought a whopping 200# yellowfin to the gaff. They said Richard did all the work as he hooked the mammoth up. They also caught a huge Dorado (check the pics at the bottom of the page). There is also a photo of their entire group-The Steven Coffe Group – sipping tequila on the patio to celebrate their catch. The ceviche & sashimi was as good as it gets. Not to mention the tequila! Thanks, you guys…Great Group. Hope to see all of our special guests again, soon. OH..almost forgot…Mother’s Day the Fish Guru cooked eggs benedict for all the mothers I could find. We had 15 guests for Mother’s Day Brunch and a lot of champagne (long siesta, too).
    Ok, now onto our Super Fish Report. Remember this: It has just begun for the season.

    8 striped marlin 4 r
    5 dorado
    172 tuna
    44 rooster fish 42 R
    9 cabrilla
    7 trigger fish
    70 snapper
    1 wahoo

    40 boats about 90 fisherman

    The water temp. averaged around 74-77 degrees, with the warmer air starting to happen…86 was the highest I saw during the week. The humidity is also up (just ask my wife).
    Remember fish clones…E-mail The Fish Guru – [email protected] for any and all questions you may have. Until next week…tight lines, and have a great week-end.
    El Gringo Tomas…The one and only Fish Guru.

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