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  1. juliomeza

    This last weekend i had the opportunity to fish East Cape out of Buena Vista and all the way down to Cabo for 3 days on board the 54 bertram ¨Get over It¨ with his IGFA world champions tripulation Captain Joby, Cuby and Conejo Villavicencio who also hold the world record for most marlin released in one day, just 197 in 12 hours, amazing

    we were looking for big bill fish or cow tunas trolling a spread of live bonito but lots of small tuna, stripers, dorado and wahoo hit our baits or lures, no big fish were caugth for us this time, regardless this was a great fishing trip, a great learning experience from the best in the world on board a beautiful fishing machine

    first day out of Buena Vista limits of dorado, limits of tuna, 3 stripers and a 45 pound wahoo

    second day one striper, limits of tuna and limits of dorado

    third day on gordo bank and north of cabo 11 stripers and one sail fish

    with a cow tuna on my mind i asked the crew the third day to try for a cow tuna on gordo bank, we got there at 4 30 am, we put a few live bonitos on the spread but no luck with the tunas, hammer heads and stripers were thick on the reef, Captain joby desided to show me for one hour how they fish for stripers ¨Get over It¨ style, so we moved around Cabo just a few miles north looking for feeding birds, as soonest they saw tailers and birds they cast over the boils nice mackerels on circle hooks using 40 pound mono on 80 pound IGFA leaders, we fish there with clock on hand for just one hour for 9 stripers and 1 sail fish, all released

    what a experience, fish on board of a champion boat with the best crew for the IGFA on 2009, thanks oscar dacarett

    Julio Meza

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  2. Captain Juan SQ

    dats reeel nice there julio,la ultima foto esta bien frunfanbuastika,que chulada.
  3. landlok'd

    So when was the 197 marlin in a day set? Didn't hear about it...just wondering?
  4. extraction


    Here's a couple of links to the "Get Over It" record in 2008.

    Baja Striped Marlin - Salt Water Sportsman


    Believe it or not, these big numbers aren't uncommon in Cabo in the Winter the past few years. This is the boat "Caliente" this past January 2009 where they did 91 Marlin in one day with just two anglers - the Captain Jamie Gonzales Sr. at the wheel, his son and Mate Jaime Jr. and brothers David and Steve Brackmann. Jaime Jr. is just 21 years old and is my full time mate on my boats Extraction I & II.

    Hundred plus Marlin days weren't too hard to do with 4 good anglers and a couple of good mates and of course a good Captain. I should point out that these records were done on 100% Circle Hooks and 100% releases on all of the Marlin.

    InTheBite -


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  5. Fred Archer

    Man, what a quality collection of captain, crew, and world class billfish anglers. My nephew David Brackmann and his bros are among the best of the best when it comes to just about any kind of fishing. The Extraction crew? Like David and Steve, friends for a great deal of years and among the best on the water and great people to boot. And speaking of circle hooks, David and my partner Bobby Dobson and I were the first to use circle hooks down there almost twenty years ago, back when most thought that they were a joke. One day years ago I ran alongside a current break with David, the original Caliente, Steve and their dad, Derryl while they bait and switched over thirty stripers off SuperBars. Meanwhile, we caught a few less (I had "regular" fishermen aboard) on bars with armed chasebaits. We returned to port after that...they ran further offshore and spent that night drifting for swords. Hardcore to the max, that group!

    What a great group! So good to see them together! Thanks of the pict, Tom. Say hello to the boys for me. There are none better!
  6. juliomeza

    but i was not talking about good anglers, i am talking about the 2009 IGFA world champions and also about the world record holders for the most marlin in one day for a boat, rigth
  7. landlok'd

    Tom; I wasn't doubting:) I was the observer on the Get Over It during the 2007 WCBRT when they released 189 on day 2 and the Reelaxe released 190. I just wasn't aware anyone had broken that record!
  8. extraction

    Julio, to tell you the truth I don't know what you were talking about?

    "but i was not talking about good anglers"

    Were you talking about bad anglers?

    I'll stand corrected but I don't believe there's a recognized category by the IGFA for a World Record for most Marlin caught in a day? First of all, is a day 8 hours of fishing or 24 hours of fishing? Is it two anglers or 10 anglers? I didn't use the word "World Record", simply the word "record" and by that I was referring to generally recognized by the fishing community around the world from magazine articles and like Terry pointed out, he was an observer on the Get Over It boat when the "record" of 190 marlin were caught in an 8 hour period in 2007 by the boat Reelaxe, therefore it's documented. So if there is a category for most Marlin caught in a day, what are the rules? Who verifies the catches and releases?

    My point wasn't about World Records just the fact that in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico you can catch a lot of Marlin. In the Winter months it wasn't and maybe still this year, it isn't uncommon to catch 50 to 100 Marlin per day by a boat with a few good anglers and crew. What Get Over It did in 2008 was phenomenal. I fished in the tournament Terry was an observer in 2007, the WCBRT and several records were set. Maybe they're World Records but I can't find them at the IGFA website. In the case of the World Championship Billfish Release Tournament (WCBRT) maybe some organization keeps "Tournament Records?" These were the numbers in the 2007 WCBRT:

    Most Marlin in one day by a single boat - 190 Marlin
    Most Marlin in two days by a single boat - 330 Marlin
    Most Marlin by a single angler in one day - 52 Marlin
    Most Marlin caught & released in a tournament (5) boats in two days - 1,157 Marlin

    People see these numbers and say no way, it's bullshit. It isn't.

    The boat Get Over It broke the single day record in 2008 with 197 Marlin.

  9. FAT CAT

    Tom, that's a great explanation on the marlin catch "record." I think you are right about it not being any sort of "official" number. But, it is so remarkable that I've found few who believe the numbers. Even the local fishing captains here on the east cape don't believe it's true. However, I'm a believer. Saw all the photos and video and I've actually seen the fish piled up on the Golden Gate. Plus, as you point out, there were IGFA observers on board for some of these remarkable catches. Cabo rocks!
  10. DOGHOUSE26

    Many in the sport are skeptical about this type of fishing and consider it more like hook , run, and pop it off and I think that might be why the IFGA does not recognize it; half the fish never know they were even hooked. If they were all tagged it might be a different story and a considerable feat if even only a third of the total. Those high totals reflect more on the excellance of the Captain driving the boat than on the anglers. Before the WCBRT style of releases, most tournaments have a rule which stated any fish eligible for a release in under 5 minutes would have to be tagged and that would impact those 100 plus totals in a big way.
  11. extraction


    Enlighten us on your vast knowledge of the events I've discussed above. I take it you were on the Caliente when David & Steve Brackmann released 91 Marlin in a day and you therefore know for certain they didn't tag any of those 91 fish? I think the pictures below would dispute that fact unless you know more about that day then I do. That's a tagging stick by the way. Or maybe you've talked to David & Steve Brackmann or the Captain and Mate and they told you they didn't tag any of those 91 Marlin? Or, maybe you're just flapping your pie hole and don't know squat?

    I also assume you were on the boat Reelaxe when they released 190 Marlin in one day and you know for a fact none of those fish were tagged? Or were you on one of the other five boats fishing that day and know for a fact none of the Marlin were tagged. Maybe you were on my boat and I just didn't see you and you know for a fact none of the Marlin we caught weren't tagged?

    Please, tell us your vast experience in catching 100 Marlin in a day and why you would be unable to tag any of the fish especially, since IGFA observer's were on all of the boats and all releases were IGFA tournament legal releases? Do you know what a legal release is? Explain it for us and why if a fish is brought to leader and then released why it wouldn't be a legitimate legal releases. Have you ever fished in a Marlin Catch & Release Tournament?

    Please tell me the name of the Tournaments that required this statement you made. Remember, you said "most tournaments" so name them for us?

    "most tournaments have a rule which stated any fish eligible for a release in under 5 minutes would have to be tagged"


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  12. landlok'd

    All I can say is, the guys on those boats can flat out FISH! I've nevr seen (and probably never will again) the kind of action that happened on those couple of days:)
    Were they "legal" releases?? By the rules set forth in that tournament format, YES. Could they have all been tagged? I don't know. I was too busy flying from one end of the boat to the other counting the multiple releases and marveling at the whole scene. Surreal doesn't begin to describe it...:)
  13. extraction


    You couldn't be more correct, these guys, Captain Joby, Cuby, Conejo Villavicencio, the Brackmann's, Steve Lasley, Chris Badsy, Ramon Montano, Jaime Gonzales Sr. & Jr., Drew Andrews and many others in Mexico are the best of the best when it comes to Marlin fishing and in particular, catch & release with 100% circle hooks.

    I love it when guys who don't know squat come on and make blanket statements when they don't have a clue. That guy's probably never fished a tournament, or even caught a Marlin. One of the people (David Brackman) he accuses of "Many in the sport are skeptical about this type of fishing and consider it more like hook , run, and pop.........If they were all tagged it might be a different story and a considerable feat" This is a short blip of David's fishing resume:

    Davis Brackmann is consistently ranked as one of the top tagging captains for the N.M.F.S. Billfish Tagging program in Baja, Mexico and is an active tagger in The Billfish Foundation and California D.F.G. Shark tagging programs........In 2001 he has become actively involved with the N.M.F.S. in gathering DNA samples of billfish. Also in 2001, he was appointed Chairman of the West Coast Advisory Council for The Billfish Foundation."

    You can read it here David Brackmann | Professional Sport Fishing - Team Bad Company


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  14. DOGHOUSE26


    Not to get in a pissing match or anything but the video I saw, and I believe it was the 197 fish/ day video I saw maybe 3-4 actual tags; what I mostly saw was a beautiful boat with 3-4 guys constantly hooked up next to a bait ball backing down on fish at warp speed trying not to run over fish going back and forth under the the transom; I saw several fish hooked and released in less than a couple of minutes still chasing baitballs. How many do you think were actually tagged ?

    As far as tourneys go, I'll work up a list for ya but don't hold me to only the last 3-4 years and as I said before prior to the WCBRT tournaments this style of release was rarely acceptable. Sometimes getting that last 25 feet of a 30 foot leader can be the hardest.

    And one more thing, when you're shining Brackman's shoes, and I have never accused Dave of anything, does he prefer a shiney or satin finish?
  15. Team Karma


    I take part in the fishing you describe as hook, run and pop, and while you are right that it is not nearly the same as tagging every fish, there is still a huge amount of skill involved. If the crews took the time to tag every fish, the numbers would come down quite a bit (to around a 100-120 is my guess)but that is why these are release records. They are going for numbers of fish, not numbers of tags. And yes, like I stated above, there is a difference between a release and getting a tag in a fish but that is a long debate in itself.

    Don't rag on Tom for providing information about people he personally knows. He is making sure everyone understands that what he is saying has backing to it.
  16. extraction


    You're simply ignorant of the facts. Sitting on the couch with you bag of chips and can of beer, watching a video you're not quite sure of what it was and then flapping your pie hole on fishing forums, expounding your vast fishing knowledge, doesn't mean squat.

    Once again, here's undisputable documentation that a lot of fisherman in Mexico, in particular Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, from rich to average American fisherman/boat owners, to a majority of the Mexican Charter boats practice catch & release WITH TAGGING whether it's a Catch & Release Tournament or everyday fishing.

    347 Stripers Caught by Team Summertime

    [​IMG] The owners of Hook Up Cabo Sportfishing Charters were notified in late January of 2007 that they had won The Billfish Foundation's Tag and Release Tournament for the most Striper Marlin caught in the Pacific Ocean. Fishing aboard Paul's boat Summertime, Martin won as the Captain and Paul as the angler, plus their deckhand Chino Alucano won as deckhand for the fishing year 2006. Never before has an entire team taken top honors in the quest to be the best. These guys are really excited and Martin said, "We fish hard going out no matter the weather, always enjoying just fishing together."
    [​IMG] In the past six years Paul has won trophies and plaques most all years for the most Stripers or most Blues and a few years won both categories. In 2002 Paul also won for The Pacific Ocean Angler of the Year. Paul always stated that without Martin and Chino winning these Tag and Release awards would be impossible. "I am particularly happy that in 2006 Martin and Chino received their deserved recognition as truly they are an integral part of the Summertime Team", Paul said. "It's not that we need a reason to fish for big game, however striving to win The Billfish Foundation's award just adds an extra incentive making it just more fun."

    So, here's another guy, who I believe is legally blind, Paul Bender, who fishes Tournaments in Cabo all the time and he's been winning the most TAGGED and released Marlin in the entire Pacific Ocean area since 2002.

    Jeff, let us know when you find the names of those "most tournaments" that require tagging a fish after 5 minutes of the hook-up. Before you compile this long list maybe you could start with the name of just one?????? Let me tell you where not to look. No Tournament in Mexico, none of the California Billfish Series tournaments - Avalon Classic, Zane Gray Classic or the Catalina Classic. So put down the chips and beer and start searching.

  17. Ninjanew

    Headed to Cabo tomorrow and have usually fished from panga /small boats from La Playita) San Jose).

    Anyone have any good recommendations of names or who to use that's good? Especially looking for tuna and Gordo banks or Outer banks fishing? Thanks