Earth, moon and stars rod finished

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by J Borchard, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. J Borchard

    Here is the 12 ft surf rod I posted a few weeks ago finally finished. I kept the guide wraps simple and clean. I added a few pics of the material I used under the purple metalic to make the pattern. From some one else naming it (from the last post) I now call this surf rod my "Lucky Charm" rod.

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  2. Capt. G

    Good stuff!
    I think I posted this on your first post on the lucky charms, but I have been working on wrapping a Dragonscale like wrap over raised stick on letters. I bought two sheets/different types of letters, and tried both...but it did not come out well.
    I think that while a crescent moon (ie shape) is easy to "see" letters are a bit more difficult. I could not tell the difference between the lower case "e" and "o"....

    But your shapes look clean and easy to see.
    I how a ringed planed like Saturn would look, or the ring around Uranus (the planet) ?
  3. J Borchard

    G almost every post you are good for a laugh or two. With these shapes some have holes in them and you can see that when wraped. I used "A" size thread and it was very difficult to cover the shapes so they did not show through some did. But on the ones that have holes or there is a clover shape and the relief cuts that do show through. Would be cool to see the letters.
  4. flamekeeper

    Nice Job..
  5. Capt Richie

    very cool
  6. bowhunter29

    Beautiful rod. Great idea!

  7. bassmandan

    That's what I'm talkin about! Lookin sweet!
  8. FAT CAT

    Came out real nice, but you gotta' catch something with it to tell if it's "charmed" or not.
  9. Lou W

    Great creativity! Nice look!
  10. Mike Myers

    Great Idea!
  11. strizile

    Creative wow

    Gee Whizz what you guys put out there is beyond

    Great build
  12. bonescustoms

    Capt. G,
    What if you went with a combined shape/color effect on the letters? i.e. light base wrap, dark letters, light over wrap (nylon, no cp)?
    Just something to allow you to 'see' the letters a little more so as to make them more distinguishable...........
    I'll have to give it a try.