Early Season Monterey Pigs

Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by shickster, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. shickster

    This one went 35#...

    Took the boat back home to Monterey Bay last weekend to give back to Dad for the Salmon bite. Launched out of Moss Landing and hit up Pt. Pinos off Monterey for these guys. Ended up with limits for three up to 35# by 12 noon. All caught on the troll with flashers and purple haze hoochies. 120OTW and 350ft of water. A good sign for this year and plenty of fresh fish to take home to SD.
    The New Ride...
  2. the hook

    mmmm fresh salmon.

    Pelican, here! pm and i will pick some up when you get back:notworthy

  3. spike

    great report and pics, congrats
  4. The Notorious S.U.A

    gangster bruddah.

    ive always wanted to go up north and get my salmon on.
  5. medunn16

    Them are some real pig's!!!!!!!
  6. Az.monkey

    NICE !!!!!!!!!
  7. ahidog

    ROAD TRIP????
  8. Noble Hook

    Nice, reminds me of the northwest days!
  9. David Arias

    nice pics can't wait to fish
  10. The Reel Won

    Nice friggin fish
  11. Captain Curt

    Damn.........Pigs is a under statement. Congrats and thanks for the report and pictures.


    The boat Hanna........
  12. dougiestyle

    hey what up? , nice fish!