Dunking the boat today 2/1

Discussion in 'California Fishing Reports Forums' started by KC Kevin, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. KC Kevin

    Going out today to dial in the new autopilot and wet a line some. Huge tide swing going on right now. Would be nice to pull on something, ANYTHING with fins on it.
  2. Captain Curt

    I'm glad you verified that for us Kevin. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    Good to see ya getting on the water. Better do it today, looks like the weekend is going to suck.


    The boat Hanna.......
  3. locobro

    Go get em man,
    I'm jealous of the new autopilot, which way did you go? I'm really itchy to get that done before it heats up offshore, way too much energy expended on holding on to the wheel.

    Good luck and have fun...

    ps. Cap'n Curt--Saturday is gonna be fishable, it has to be..damnit.
  4. Captain Curt

    Na Mark, you might as well come on down to the store and we'll talk about putting a new autopilot in that boat of yours. :D


    The boat Hanna.......
  5. KC Kevin

    Don't have to hang out on BD for long before you think carefully about what you type! :D

    Locobro, I went with a Simrad AP16. Now I have to learn how to use the damn thing. I hate this electronic stuff.

    I will post some pics if I get a chance.
  6. Kurt

    It's the 1st , what's legal? We did squat diddly Saturday.
  7. KC Kevin

    Haven't looked into it bro, but unless its a nice flattie it goes back anywho.
  8. JWALK

    Good luck Kevin. Enjoy the new auto pilot!
  9. Captain Curt

    Look Mommy............no hands. :rofl: :rofl:


    The boat Hanna.........
  10. Kurt

    Just don't fall out takin a piss K? :D
  11. Good luck with the auto pilot. Your going to love it! Let us know how you did.
  12. KC Kevin

    One sandie kept the stink off the boat today. Jeffzou got it while I was messin' with the AP setup.

    What a pain in the ass that setup stuff is. 18 pages of mumbo jumbo. :rolleyes: Hope I just didn't screw it up! LOL
  13. Diamond Jim

    Hi Kevin. Good luck on the auto pilot. I have the head off mine and sent back to RayMarine. I called and it's on it's way back. I would of liked a different type but with twin diesels there is not enough room to get to the damn thing.
    I have the Sport Pilot Pro. Fair piece of shit. :notworthy
  14. PlatinumHooks

    Bring back some picts of whatever your able to get into! Good Luck