Ducks vs Eagle= Eagle wins

Discussion in 'Winged Hunting Reports' started by da crab, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. da crab

    Super Black Eagle II that is. Went down to the valley on fri with a buddy and hit up the sea for some duck huntin. It was a little slow and the combo of us missin a few birds or just winging them ended up with us leavin the sea with only a couple spoonies in the morning.hit up another spot in the afternoon and was able to limit out by killin a gadwall drake, 3 mallard drakes, 1 mallard hen, and a wigeon hen. Took a while but we finished nicely, got even better news when I got back by finding out we got the #1 draw this wed at wister and the #2 draw next wed at wister! Many ducks are sure to meet their demise.
    Enjoy the Pic

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  2. aeon

    good job!....this is the year of mixing it up to make limits. With birthday duty over i am not missing another weekend till the end of the season.
  3. Vermonster

    Nice batch of birds! Congrats!!! :cheers: