Duck Limits and Pics - Quack Quack BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Fresh One, Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. Fresh One

    A little late on the report. These pics are from a hunt on Tuesday December 21st.

    I got down to my buddies pad Sunday evening. We tried for geese on Monday Dec 20th and ate shit. It went from tons of birds to almost nothing. We saw very little flying all day. One guy in our group of 4 got one bird. Didn't see many ducks either. But, good things come to those who wait.

    Left the trailer on Tuesday morning in the dark. Nothing like a 30+ mile boat ride in the dark doing about 40 MPH freezing your face off!!!!!!!!! The boat has a remote controlled spot light mounted on the bow that the driver can use to check for stumps and floating bodies and such. Uneventful ride.

    We checked a couple of spots first thing for nada. Moved to the honey hole and the widgeon started coming. Nothing major, just a nice steady stream of 2 - 5 birds at a time. Had I been able to shoot worth a shit, we would have been done in about two hours. Instead, it took about 3 hours. Had a few ring necks and pintail stop in as well. They didn't make it out.

    Enjoy the pics:

    My buddy Cody. He is two years old and this is his first duck season. He hunted upland with me last year. On this day, he made his first of several retrieves on real ducks (i.e. coots don't count:) ) in a real hunting situation. I was very proud. The first retrieve made all of the training and time worth it. Not bad for a dog whose lineage comes from show stock.


    Double limits:


    Just chillin:


    Don't fuck with us, we bite when it comes to ducks:


    This little Momarsh allows us to get stealthy and hide the big boat so the birds don't flare. It fits on the bow of the boat and holds two people and two dogs:


    The full rig. 350 Chevy and one bad ass machine:


    Let's hope the birds keep flying. Only one more month left and then I'm gonna have to fish cod or something.
  2. ZZZZZ

    Brent you are gnarly bro. Looks like you got it down. Glad your dog is working..

    Looks like Bazooka launchers in the back of the ride in pic #3. Thing looks sweat and super stealthy.
  3. DDawg

    Good hunt Brent......... good to see the widgeon whackage.
  4. el Toro

    What are th specs on the boat? That thing is awesome.