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Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by blinkerfluid, Aug 3, 2012.

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    I'm having issues with getting my DSC enabled VHF to maintain connection to the GPS.. I have a Raymarine e7 and a Lowrance HDS10 in my boat and the VHF is wired to the e7. If I just have the e7 and the vhf on, then the radio will track/display my current position just like it's supposed to. But, if I turn the HDS on also, then the vhf loses position. As far as I can tell, the e7 still has a satellite fix though.

    The HDS and vhf aren't connected in anyway except that they're both powered by the same power bus. Same goes for the HDS and e7. Right now the e7 is wired to the vhf and my transducer, the HDS is only wired to a NMEA2000 network for the engine.

    I thought maybe the GPS receiver on the HDS was interfering with the e7, since they're mounted right next to each other, but like I said, the e7 doesn't appear to lose fix. I'm going to try to power the HDS up tomorrow straight off the battery instead of off the power bus and see if that makes a difference (I doubt it). If that doesn't make a difference, I guess I'll try to move it away from the e7/vhf and see if that helps.

    Anyone have any other ideas?

    Here's a pic of where everything is mounted if you think it could be interference because of proximity.
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    You could try feeding the NMEA data to the radio with the Lowrance receiver. You have 2 GPS antenna right? Hmm not sure why you are loosing the signal after starting the other unit. I'm not sure induction could cause the problem but re routing the wires even temporarily to test is also an option. I'd be interested in what you find out there.

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