Dropper-Looping for Thresher

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by 26grumpy, May 14, 2012.

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  1. 26grumpy

    Mike and I got an early start today, Monday 5.14.12, with WSB the primary target. The red bouy would be the starting point. Lots of life on micro-chovies pretty much all around us and a pick at hook bait would be it for us in dirty green 63 degree water. At 9:30 AM it didn't feel right so we moved down the line in the San Mateo area to find 65 degree dirty green with lots of broken kelp fouling our lines a couple times.

    We set up on a little hump and settled down quickly in 5-7 knots west wind with mostly downhill current.....nice :) I put down a fresh-dead squid on the dropper-loop and within a couple minutes my 800M goes bendo.....


    .....the bbq fish is done.....now back to business. Bait was plentiful, the sun was warm and bright, the company chillin, all is good when a sudden darkness fell over the Grumpy. Big head shakes start the on-deck speculation....


    A thresher on the flylined mackerel...sweet....screaming bull run right for and through the adjacent kelpline blew and easy 100 yards off the Tyrnos 10 II on full maxed out double thumbing drag puttting the 65 spectra/50 floro to the test. After some rank anchor pulling, backing down on kelp while assuming a different angle of the dangle, power dropping the Delta (now I remember why I stepped up for the freefall windlass) and watching El Capo go round the walk-around a few times whilst slashing through layers of kelp.....up comes an easy 200# Calico Bass....


    This one got posted due to its 5' length and slob girth, like none either of us had ever c&r'ed.....big fish.....big pull....on the hook.....big fun...happy ending.



    Oh....WSB 2....Grumpy 0 :2gunsfiring_v1:
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  2. jake3759

    black sea bass not calico
  3. gunnyslinger

    He knows. It is to appease the tree huggers around here.
  4. simmo13

    Satire Jake. Great report as always.
  5. el capo

    The most fun you can have in the jungle! Great times once again Joe! Thank you for putting up with my stupid one liners and catch phrases all day.LOL
  6. Bank Robber

    Good try and nice by catch.

    That might have been a world record calico ;)
  7. OCDep

    How deep was he down when you hooked up?
  8. el capo

    Somewhere in the 35' range
  9. wildbunch

    Nice "calico" :rofl::rofl:Who cleaned the fish????:rofl::rofl:Way to go bro. I am locked & loaded. Time for us to kill TANKERS.......:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  10. Mischief

    Classic,.. LOL

    Nice bass!
  11. sdfishkiller

    I'm pretty sure that's a calico bass.

    Nice work boys.

    I caught and ate a 200# spotted bay bass today,well actually I used most of it for fertilizer for my tomato plants.
  12. 26grumpy

    My vajayjay needs bedazzel'ed :rofl:
  13. Hooops

    Spike was trying to explain the "chicken sandwich" song to me... I laughed just thinking about it.

    Nice fishin gents.
  14. Simon Bon Bowery

    Nice Work on the fire drill....Like!

    Cool post thanks for sharing.....
  15. dkd711

    Awesome Joe thanks again for the Calico fillets! :rofl:
  16. Cheney

    Nice work Joe and Miguel. Good pic of the longtail's eye!
  17. osidefishin

    looks like a fun day..nice calico
  18. spike

    Great day on the water Joe! Happy Ending!
  19. Nice job guys. I took a right turn out of the harbor yesterday. Looks like I should have made a left.:D

    BTW- Nice BBQ meal.:D
  20. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    Awesome Joe! What a great day of pulling on big fish! I love the spring! It's the best!