Dreamer 10/31 Yellows up to 48lbs

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by yafool, Oct 31, 2005.

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  1. yafool

    Hey all, just got a call from Allyn coming back in from Catalina. They scored 13 yellows today all 30+. The largest fist weighed in at 48lbs!!!! I will see if i can get pictures from them.
  2. the hook

    Those minnows? I've seen bigger YT caught on a YAK!

  3. yafool

    yea, they were using sabaki rigs tipped with squid

    Would this rod be good enough for those yellows???
  5. jscrib

    LeWei, when are we going?

    I will be hand lining these fish.

  6. ZZZZZ

    Good news.

    Scrib go wax some of those big Forkies if you can get out. Great grade.... :High_Five

    Humidude I can make you one of those for about $10 dolla. PVC pipe hose clamps walla
  7. Reel Trouble

    I made one just like that but that dam thing is heavy, works killer though
  8. yafool

    Haha, actually, on sunday, one of the deck hands hooked a fish and the screws on the cramp came off, he grabbed the reel just in time before it popped all the guides off. i was LMAO next to him. He hand lined the fish in on 40 with no problems. Used his two elbows and just pulled it in. HAHA. who needs drag? The fish was about 25lbs