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Discussion in 'Washington Hunting' started by North River, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. North River

    Nothing for me this year.
  2. christensenreid

    nothing for me
  3. Buzz2401

    nothing for me
  4. tacklejacked

    Modern doe tag is all for me..
  5. WoolyRunner

    Nothing for me either.
  6. Scubadad

    Masterhunter deer and elk, region 6. Doe, North river.
  7. T-Ripper

    2 youth doe tags for Perrygin. Max and Dom will be doing some work in Oct.
  8. fishermatt

    Blanked this year.
  9. Hunter Dan

    Pulled a second deer tag, whitetail antlerless, region 2!
  10. umrules

    Muzzle Elk Antlerless Tag on the West Side. Was hoping for the Toutle Bull but will take it .... Toutle Bull next year!
  11. Fish Slapper

    9 pts with a multi season elk and I drew nothing!
  12. nwfisher

    Nothing for me. My brother got a BLues bow tag so guess I get to go call big bulls!
  13. ChromeCollector

    Aww that's my home stomping grounds!!!! That's awesome he drew a branch tag, Dayton, blue creek? Good luck this September if you aren't familiar with the area let me know and I'll help you guys out. That's a rare tag and don't want to see it go un filled.
  14. Easytosee

    I drew a margaret archery bull tag.

    Anyone know where thats at?
  15. christensenreid

    never heard of it:rofl:
  16. Easytosee

    I better do some research. And maybe shoot the ol bow
  17. Montanadave

    Lucked out and got a second doe permit for Colfax. My girlfriend drew a 520 Cow tag Jan 1 thru the 16th and so did her dad. She also drew a second doe permit for Colfax. And her dad got another tag for Almota deer and an anterless permit. Looks like another good draw year.
  18. Spring Fever

    Nothing for me but points. Up to 14 for moose now...
  19. MadSky

    Margaret muzzleloader cow
    Mt Spokane antlerless moose
    Selah bighorn
  20. Hunter Dan

    Jumpin' Jehosaphat! You been buying lotto tickets too I hope!:2gunsfiring_v1: