Dora's a ripper class 4

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Bogii, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. Bogii

  2. pauladams

    It rained like hell at sunset wed. night for about 2 hours , nice sky show
  3. Captain Curt

    All you boys and girls hang on down there.................all we can pray for up here, is that you all are save...............and it pushes us up something to catch.


    The boat Hanna.............
  4. mercado

    Hey What's up Paul I will be heading down Aug 11th - 15th How's the fishing ?
  5. pauladams

    need a ride from the air port ??? let me know , tuna to 80- 90 lbs an bull dodos were caught on Monday the 18th. I know some guys that went out on wed. the 20th. but when I left the marina last night they were on the ride in, Iam sure glad I wasnt on the water it was blowing like the whore Ive never had !! I can put you up at my place if you want to ( call me )
  6. dhamarsportfish

    hey dont worry i just got back and my boat is a fucking shower but i take the 14 ft waves and 40kntos winds, i love my DHAMAR is one of the best boats im going to fish on my life ok , i seen big boats today out there that got coagth on the storm and it was very bad for them , me and hector and my anglers , made it to the dock in one pice so gracias a dios