Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by ?? fisherman, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. ?? fisherman

    Tonite on National Geographic Channel.... Expedition Great White, 9:00pm.... watch it!!

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    Here is a link to the other thread

    The unknown fisherman:p:
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  2. @-EZ

    I'll be watching... Did Chuck sign up for the tourney yet?
  3. ?? fisherman

    Not yet Max, although I'm expecting him to any day.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  4. @-EZ

    Charge his ass double.. That way i can jump in @ the last minute... :rofl:
  5. af dreamer

    9 PM west coast time?Tom
  6. ?? fisherman

    I gotta run to work here in a minute, so somebody double check on the time as I might have that wrong. I actually may miss this tonite if I dont get off from work in time.:mad:....... not to mention, I am not even sure if Time Warner has this Channel.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  7. MikeyLikesIt

    gotta see that!
  8. cappo

    tivo is set. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. Blackfish

    thanks for the reminder..I thought I missed it..looks very interesting.
  10. UnReel

    It's on Dish Net , chnl 186 NTGeo 6pm WC time.
  11. Troy

    it's on at 6pm as well as 9pm.
  12. 5150dude

    It's the crew from the Go Fisch!
    Brett McBride and Chris Fischer. And I thought they were filming Offshore Adventures in the Mediteranean.
    Looks like their mothership too.
    (Ooops. Just checked the link and that was said there)
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  13. Tues

    Pretty cool show...watching now.
  14. ?? fisherman

    So I got off of work early and was checking my cable guide to see if I had the National Geographic channel, which I do. It's channel 718HD, and when I punched it in I discovered the show is on right now!! Good thing it's playing again at 9:00pm.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  15. Customboatguy

    That was cool to see dude. I saw a Bay Park Fish Co. and Fishermans Landing T-shirts in there too. Cool to see the local SD places getting love on there. Big balls doing what those guys did. The GW is an amazing animal.
  16. Mo Betta

    I sure would love to hold on to that rope and feel the tail beat and its power. Great show. The MV Ocean is one bad ass ride and the boat lift has got to be one of a kind.