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  1. Slater

    Well with a handfull of failed catching attempts, today finally paid off.
    A while ago I picked-up some ghost shrimp & tried some docks but couldnt keep him from climbing all over the boats & stairs long enough to hang a fish...
    A few other trips to my local lake but the greenies would cooperate, still an awesome time watching this lil guy discover the world!
    Doms only 2, will be 3 in September & today he experienced his first catch today!
    We hit Lake Jennings & was drop-shotting some robos for about 15minutes while I still had his attention & it happened!
    I set the hook & handed him the rod as we worked this little fish together for his first photo op & his first solo release.
    Im stoked & looking forward to more fishing trips with him!
    Wish Shannon was there to experience it, she was home playing sick.

  2. Hooops

    A memory you will never soon forget - keep em coming. Time on/near the water with my kids is the only thing that keeps me sane.
  3. Johnny J

    You sir are a blessed man. Nice job.
  4. Carl

  5. Simon Bon Bowery

    Right on Rob!!!!

    So cool! :urno1:

    Reminds me of my early trips with my boys.....
  6. Shaka760

    Right on lil man!!!
  7. nunyabizness1

    Fun times! way to go!
  8. Slater

    Thanks to everyone for the comments, I cant wait for a few years from now so I can get him on some boat trips! Hope he has the bug like I do...
  9. ilovecalicos

    Great pic..............:urno1:

    Get him on some bluegill bites. He'll be hooked for life...........I still remember my 1st fish at Lake Henshaw vividly (1954).
  10. Gil Marlin

    Great photo, great moment...
  11. OmanGT

    I have two sons and they both love to fish...there's nothing better than fishing with your sons.
  12. Slater

    Looking back I would do anything for one more memory of me fishing with my oldman...
    Miss you pops!:(
  13. Slater

    Worked on some technique & skills today....
    long lining, thumbing the spool, retrieving & following your bait...:rolleyes:

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  14. Slater

    Well with all the families & kids taking advantage of the killer trout bite yesterday @ Capt Rons kid derby I started feeling guilty for not taking Dom, figured it went down to early for him & it was cold for a 3 year old....
    Well Sunday I was determined as I was bummed lookin at all of Maggies pics of the kids, so off to Jennings...:rolleyes:

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  15. Gil Marlin

    Fishing the kite already??? :D
  16. invictus

  17. smokinwater

    Rob, glad to see memories in the making! Before you know it- as you've certainly heard- he's grown, 26 years old and busy chasing his own life! Last year I joined mine in Idaho in a stream fishing trout! Time you spent w/ Dom will come back to you big! Keep it up, you two!
  18. Slater

    Doms growing & the fish are getting bigger too...
    So today at 4:45 Dom is restless & has yet to take a nap all day.
    I took a nap & was restless too, Shannon busy doing some weekend work crap I decide to take Dom to the lake & hopefully he will crash-out before we get there & ill get 15minutes of some peaceful drop-shotting before heading back to the barn...
    No such luck, he was all in & was all about me renting a boat & cruising around the lake chasing ducks, I had a different plan & mind & apparently someone else did for me too today....
    First text back to Shannon 5:00.. Her reply, "wow, that was quick, big fish"

    So first cast, didnt like it so quickly retrieved & reset. Well that second cast produced a nice bass for such a little guy. So I scream at Dom to come over & take charge of this fish, first time ever for myself just giving him the reins. I held the foregrip of the rod for him & he quickly tucked the butt of the rod under him armpit as we practiced so many times before on the front lawn... I was freaking out & just trying to control the fish from jumping & spitting the hook or from getting into the nearby trees as hard to see what was really going on as I was down low at his level & didnt have the entire rod, well it all workedout & he was super stoked!
    Took a few pics & as he was telling me how heavy she was & told him, ok let her go back into the lake so she can go home...So he did.
    Imedietely after that on the third cast of our short outing, same exact senario! another quality bass & Dom was all about the battle & getting her ashore. Another few pics & a quick release.
    This trip was not planned. Grabbed a rod, 1 pack of weight & hooks in my pocket & just three robo worms. Each fish hookset resulted in no more worm...
    So fourth cast resulted in dad farming a tree & getting busted off.
    He gets his shoes & jeans all wet & muddy, off to the car & he passes out on the drive home...

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  19. Johnny J

    Very Very Cool. Might qualify as a cow for his size.
  20. Jig Stick

    Very awesome Slater! Those smiles are a good indicator of what he thinks about this fishing thing.

    I don't remember my first fish, but I'll take the clear memories of both my daughters' first fish with me till my last day.