Dog ear issues ? Water flow

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by superjet, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. superjet

    I hooked some dog ears up to my merc 150 saltwater and I ran boat for a short time and there's no water coming from the little exaust outlet? The water is coming out the sides of the dog ears but checked seal and still no water flow

    Any suggestions? I thought maybe wrong dog ears or a clog in the system , or worst case the waterpump which I hope isn't the issue

    The boat ran in a lake 3 weeks ago great and had water flow and hasn't Been sitting for a long time

    Thanks any advise is greatly appreciated
  2. SauerFish

    sometimes muffs dont seal right...try it again and see if you can get it to pee by holding pressure on both muffs with your hands
  3. superjet

    Ok cool yea my dad tried that but maybe I'll try again, could it be the impeller I mean it is a 2003 so might need to be replaced

  4. SauerFish

    yeah every year or two and more if it sits alot
  5. plj46

    Check to see if the pee hole is plugged up,the one on the motor,ive had it happen several times.If the motor doesnt overheat the impeller should be working.
  6. superjet

    If it is the impeller , is it hard to change my self or better to have it changed by a mechanic
  7. agrazela

    Are you saying the impeller hasn't been replaced since 2003?
  8. abdiver7777

    Change your impeller every few years....

    Another trick is to modify the ears so you can hook up the garden hose to both sides at the same time.......

    I usually just take off the prop and immerse the lower end in a barrel and then run to flush for a few minutes till the engine starves of fuel...... that way no fuel is left in the carb for storage and no one gets to steal your prop........
  9. okie man

    i change mine every year when i service the lower unit. not hard and will save you from buying a new power head.
  10. SeaHawk IV

    I had the same problem with my Suzuki 4 Stroke. Changed the water pump, thermostat, cleared all water lines with a weed wacker line and still no water peeing. It would pee instantly when lower unit was submerged in water.

    I solved the problem by covering the pick-up holes next to the water pick-up screen. The muff is barely covering all the holes and screen on both side of the lower unit. I'm also using the rectangular muffs that spray water on both side.

    Hope this helps.

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