does Noah's sell mexi licenses and boat permits?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by el Toro, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. el Toro

    Time to renew. Also, I know you need your boat reg for the permit. I just moved and have no idea where my registration is. Can they get what they need of of last years boat permit or do I absolutely have to have it?
  2. Az.monkey

  3. el Toro

    I think that was the same story last year about this time when I had to renew.
  4. Az.monkey

    No boat registration = no boat permit as they charge by the length printed on the reg. you might call the SD Mex consulate and ask them tho. do a search on the board for it. tons of info for the addy and phone # and they speak english to boot. although you'll need your reg. if stopped in mex waters
  5. Kurt

    They can pull the info off your old one I think. Heck I never had to drag my boat to Squidco so they must :D I couldn't find mine either till later.

    Maybe it's who's behind the counter.

    But you better find it if you get stopped.
  6. sandiegofisherm

    call conapesca 619 233 4324 everybody buys the permits from here and then resales them with a service charge , they are open m-f 8 -2 boats under 23 feet $32.55 corner of 4th and laurel under mr a's restraunt , the only thing is they only take cashiers check or money order for the exact amount , so call and ask them total is and get your permits, you will save some money by going here
  7. Az.monkey

    That's the place, thanks Tony. There is a shop right across the street that can handle the money order payment
  8. Squid Vicious

    ............thanks ....i'm gonna call there , i've been paying a $20.00 sevice charge on the boat and then my license = $ 40.00
  9. el Toro

    SHIT! I've looked all over and I can't find the damn registration! Options are: Download the form for a duplicate, pay $17, takes 30 days, bend over...

    Or go to the DMV office and deal with the scum on the bottom of the gene pool.

    DAMMIT! Why did this have to happen now, when the fish start to bite and I want to go this weekend. Anyone got a friend at the DMV?
  10. dru

    They have friends? wow.

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