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Discussion in 'Events Forum' started by dbar, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. dbar

    Is any BDr's going to be at the Splash dogs competition 11th-13th of july, in Chula Vista? I'm thinking of taking our lab pup who is now 6mo. old. He has no expiriance with this type of competition yet, but loves to jump and LOVES the water. I think he'll do really good at it, as a grown up dog. So I want to get him into it early. Just wondering if anyone else is going to be there or does this type of stuff with there dogs. Thanks, Jim
  2. Papa "J"

    Sounds like fun....feel free to swing by with the pup and practice on my dock.
  3. Slater

    Jim, Jason brings up a good point! Id'e somehow practice this before wasting an entry fee even though you're not in it for the competition & its all out of fun. Ive been to many splash dog comps just cuz x-wife was heavily into obedience & agility comps with both our english bulldog & golden retriever & splash dog has been at the same event. Alot of people may think their dog would do great & they get up there & just over all the noise from the crowd & commentator the dog gets stage freight or just doesnt know what the hell its doing up there & doesnt perform! Seen it many times!
  4. dbar

    Well you gona be at the boat this weekend?

    Yea I don't know how he will react to the noise, but as far as the water goes he jumps right into our fish pond after his ball. Our fish pond is about 8' x 20'. He will jump right in after his ball every time, but thats not off of a 2' high dock either.
  5. dbar

    BTW entry fee is only $20 or $10 to practice. All of the money goes to the Make A Wish. So its a good cause!!!!!
  6. Papa "J"

    probably all weekend

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