do it yourself daisy chains

Discussion in 'Fishing Tutorials by Members' started by lostbrd, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. lostbrd

    Anyone have ideas for making these up. Spacing, knots etc...
  2. midnightrambler

    i just put a squid on the leader 4-6 inches apart with a 1-2 oz barrel sinker then litely smash it with a hammer holding it in place. also you can crimp in place if you dont like smashing a barrel sinker.
  3. Swarthy Dago

    I use a knot first then a crimp on the tag ends for the swivel and hook, a small stainless crimp for the teasers.
  4. Whalebreath

  5. cmlandscaping

    x2 but 1/8 to 1/4. weight keeps it down.
  6. lostbrd

    Thank's all
  7. CALCOfshr

    Once you get the back one rigged with a hook,you can even use clear plastic drinking straws for spacers. An old trick......
  8. fly liner

    id suggest crimping you want 80# at the least for the main line so its best to just crimp IMHO. and then i get singel sleeves and either glass beads or 1/8oz eggs on some get the hoochie and put the weight/bead in the head of the hoochie. so then you crimp on your hook and slide your feather down. next slide on one sleeve and a hoochie w/bead/weight over the feather, repeat pattern 2-4 times and then when you decide what spacing you like crimp them into place but remember not to crimp the sleeve to tight so that if you decide that you dont like the spacing you can change it in no time at all. i like to space the hoochies 4-6 inchs apart. hope this helps and hope you can understand my way of explaining. the diagram from whalebreath is right on. and if you use the eggs remember not all the hoochies need them .
  9. the_codfather

    As long as they are spaced evenly apart it doesnt really matter, of course it doesnt have to be exact. However if you look at a school of bait they travel in unison at an equal length apart, usually only 1-2 fish lengths. So if you are using 4" teasers space them 4 to (4x2) 8 inches apart. The last bait should be a contrasting color, however its not the color that makes it stand out so much as the fact that this is a weak or injured swimmer thats desperately trying to catch up to the school for protection. Gamefish see this and lock on to the easy prey. Double or triple the distance for the hook bait. Back to the 4" teaser example, crimp the hooks 8-24" down the line, depending on the spacing you used earlier. A more spread out chain seems to work better when the sun is high and the waters calm where presentation is key, but if you really need to make a splash space them close together and run the rig in the chop! I carry a few of each type. Close spacing=close to the boat, spread out spacing=further back. Its all about the action. Adjust the lines with the seas and speed so all teasers are sputtering on the surface and the hook bait is just skimming along. You dont want the teasers to be jumping out or riding half out of a wave. Adjust the weight in the hook bait as needed, I usually rig the daisy chains with a small snap swivel in the last teaser so i can switch out the hook baits to adjust for color and presentation. I dont weigh the teasers unless its a REAL nasty day out and I should be inside making more daisy chains anyway! Need to have that sputtering (king-kings), fluttering (bulb squid) or shaking (hollow squid) action!
  10. IglooMan