Do any of you take your dogs out with you?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Reel Crazy, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. Reel Crazy

    I've got a large dog that I'd like to take with me on occasion but don't know
    how I'm going to deal with the potty issue.

    If any of you take your dogs out, how do you deal with the potty issue?

    Thanks in Advance. :)
  2. Pig Dog

    Reel Crazy,

    Very simple, you know the raw water washdown you have on your Sea Swirl? It is good for washing down more than fish blood!

    "Pig Dog"
  3. getagaff

    Wash it down, I have taken my 178lbs french mastive with me many times he loves the boat, and for some reason mack's are his favorite treat. He has even helped subdue a rowdy mako once.

  4. bocker

    I just wanted to add. A lot of times the dog will need an example. You may have to crap on the deck 3 or 4 times yourself till he gets the hang of it. And if he tries to rub your nose in it, it's because he doesn't think you're supposed to poop on the boat. You have to ensure him it's ok by vigerously scratching your feet on the ground like a chicken mimicking the burrial of the poo.
  5. Reel Crazy

    Well thats kind of what I thought for #1. Its just that the water doesn't always drain out completely unless I'm under way. #2 I'll just pick up with a plastic bag. just like when I take her for walks and then wash down.

  6. Reel Crazy

    She'd be right. Your not supposed to poop on the boat. Emergencies only. :asshole:
  7. Mot's Sr.

    I've never taken my Shorthair out on the Ocean, but she loves it on the boat up in Bridgeport, just gets up in the bow on the lifejackets and pads and goes to sleep, unless I happen to catch a fish, then she gets excited and wants to know whats going on. I allways keep one of them dog life jackets on her when she's on the boat. That lakes colder than shit and she would probably not be able to swim becuse of the exposure and the shock of hitting the cold water.

    A buddy of mine, years ago was over in Catalina for the weekend on his 36 foot Bertram, he had a Cocker named Corky, this dog was allways on the boat, one evening they decided to go from the istmas to Avalon, when they got to Avalon they noticed the dog was missing. They spent a couple of days backtracking and looking for the dog, thought it was over and went back to Newport. A couple of weeks later they got a call from a gal in Catalina, said she found the dog laying on the rocks halfway between the istmas and Avalon. What a happy day that was for everyone that knew Corky.
  8. Overeasy

    I've thought about taking my dog out to the 14 mi bank a few times...LOL
  9. I want to see how my shorthair would do. Friggin hyper as all heck.

    I had an aussie shepherd years ago. Dog would go in boat, ride on stand up jet skis with me, and sea doos. Dog was a trooper.
  10. Reel Crazy

  11. jeffwyman

    Crap Makes Great Chum!!
  12. KC Kevin

    I was on an Oceanside sportie once many years ago and the captain or first had brought his dog along. It was sick all day with the runs and shit all over the deck. They washed it off and right into the bottom of the gunny sacks hanging on the tank.

    It was one of the worst days I have had on the water. I wrote a letter to the owner of the landing and complained and he sent us two free passes for a re-ride.

    Flopping fish with hooks in the mouth and sharp gaff hooks doesn't seem to be real safe for a dog, IMO. I can see a situation where an excited pup got to close and ended up with a hook in his grill or paw. Easy way to ruin an offshore trip.

    I love dogs but wouldn't take one out. Just my $0.02 :cheers:
  13. Sherrita

    Don't have to

    they're waiting when I get there
  14. Squid Vicious

    ........yeah , no fucken shit LOL LOL LOL
  15. Reel Crazy

    I wasn't really thinking of taking her out on a purely fishing trip. More of a trip with the wife where fishing is secondary. :confused:
  16. Swazi

    I take mine all the time he love's it and he doesn't "go" while on the boat. Soon as we hit the ramp though.....look out. LOL
  17. Dexloy

    I want to take mine sometimes, just don't always want to bring them back!!
  18. http404

    Wouldn't it be cool to flyline a cat to a mako.
  19. socalsurf1

    I'd call her a pig, but close enough!