Diamond Valley Lake

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by 30lbbg2299, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. 30lbbg2299

    I will be fishing here soon and do not know what to expect what should i bring? What gear and what fish are most often targeted here?
  2. CaliAngler

    I'm no expert to DVL, but the majority of the recent reports I follow up on include Stripers, Largemouth Bass, and Catfish. Depending on whether you're fishing on shore or on boat, it's best to give the folks a call at the Marina or Last Chance Tackle before you head down.

    Diamond Valley Marina: (951) 926-7201

    Last Chance Tackle: (951) 658-7410
  3. rob17santos

    DVL is awesome lots of space. get a boat and float the Bouy line. Lots of coves and alot of people are saying the south shoreline you will get action in the morning

    DO NOT TIE ONTO THE BOUY LINE. They pass out tickets all the time

    Lots of Strippers!!! Ill be there this weekend
  4. makohunterz

    Never seen a stipper but seen and caught plenty of striper, as the other people have said pig n jig coves with brown or pumkin colored baits, west dam near the intlet with flylined fresh sardine chunks, or a small showing of the panfish (was fishing today and did all three), just go there to have fun and the fish will follow...
    Btw when are you going? id be more than happy to show you around the lake and show you the decent spots and techniques
  5. swamppeople

    I shore fish there. Very productive!!!!!!!! walk to the south west from parking lot facing the lake, walk all the way to the end of the points and chuck out 20- 30 feet.. Cut chovies, chicken liver, swim baits and hang on!!!!!!!!! I catch striper, largemouth,huge fucking crappie, and occasionally a cat. It's a hike but well worth it if you dont have a boat. I seen some dude walk by me throwing a z-plug from shore and hooking up a 15 and 18 pound striper back to back! You never know at DVL!!!!!! Good luck, dont fall down the side of the lake, safety first!
  6. icscommand

    Get on the FNN (Fishing Network Forum). There is a dedicated DVL following.
  7. squidroe

    There is a bunch of :supergay: over there as well!
  8. Capt. G

    Dude, that sounds sweet!

    Will they let a brother lauch a Bateau on the lake?
  9. makohunterz


    yup, just no moonshine or shotguns
  10. troutonly

    you have to decided on whats fish youre going to try for ,lmb,stripers ,catfish,bluegills ,crappie,are you going to fish from shore or a boat,if you ask the right questions i can tell you some answers ive fished there since it opened in 2003,,,,,,,,,,,,,bob,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. swamppeople

    Bring all kinds of gear. Dont forget your flask! Bob's got a good point. I have seen all kinds of fish caught on shore, on a boat is kinda tricky. Pick your poison, no matter what you will be having a good time! Thats what counts! BENDO FOREVER!
  12. makohunterz

    hey saw your pm, i was actually on the beach fishin for two days by the time i saw it, it was too late, but howd you end up doin?
  13. 30lber

    P.m. me some info on what your looking to do.
    I.ll help ya!
  14. Technician

    Hahaha that's the worst thing you could ever do.... Funny joke though, made my sides hurt...
  15. Makua

    Fellas, dragged this up from a search...heading to DVL on Sun...any pointers? Planning to rent a boat and do the whole day thing and targeting strippers...I got access to fresh dead dines from the Dana bait barge...will pick those up before heading out. Any pointers or tips? Never caught a stipper, would love to break that spell! Anything helps...
  16. chaddalac

    I love that lake and fish it often for large mouth mainly..6-8 lb test. finesse rod, and drop shot a people choice 4-6 in Robo worm.Fish all the points to the left and right after you launch.. Good luck !!
  17. Technician

    Hahaha funniest thing I've heard all day, it's a website to connect with the tarded if that's what your into....
  18. Technician

    But no serious moment, dvl can be a hard lake to get right. Conditions can change in an instant. If there's no wind try fishing top water for some good size bass and striper. (Release your bass) if the wind picks up switch to a dropshot or Texas robo or senko and work it slow off points, drop offs and in heavy cover with the lightest line you feel comfortable with. Honestly that guy above me is right. It's all about that 6....,
  19. Technician

    Why the fuck don't I pay attention? I just posted on an old post without realizing it..... That's it just one more beer then bed....
  20. Makua

    josh, didn't mean to pull up an old post but needed some help with DVL...I'll give it an old college try...hope to hook something besides weeds or myself!