Diamond Valley Lake

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by Luhr'd Away, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. Luhr'd Away

    Had the opportunity to fish Diamond Valley with a vendor/ friend from work who happens to have a badass Ranger with a 225 Optimax. His first fish was about 6 pounds. Running around that place at 65-70 is almost mandatory due to it's size. In addition to the pics I will post later, I was able to put a 4-1/2 pounder on the boat with another small one 1-1/2-2#. Been a long time since I have fished large mouth so missed 4 more due to my error. Total fish count was 14. And of course, all released. Wind really picked up in the afternoon but toughed it out until 5:30 for two more. Thanks Keith for the invite.
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  2. doorman

    way to get out on some fw green bass Art. Look forward to the pics
  3. Luhr'd Away

    Shit, 25? We were going 65 the entire day as was everyone else. I will get the pics up when I figure out how to transfer to an appropriate format from my phone. That is one cool place. I was very rusty with my fresh water fishing as we have only been fishing big blue!
  4. Luhr'd Away

    We are going to take Keith to the Island for a YT Cbass trip. I told him he would be quite bored on the way over as we cruise at 18 knots. He said no way, I'll be in the salon drinking beer while your ass is driving.

    On another note, some nice rentals there with trolling motor, fish finder, etc. Never seen that before. I will get the pics up tomorrow. Will hit up Ali, Jason or Brandon if I don't figure it out. I have to use them as no other mod's like me :)
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  5. Luhr'd Away

    OK, lets try this again. Here are 3 out of the 14 caught. It was a great day with 5 quality fish caught. That place is off the hook.

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