Depoe No Tuna hunt!

Discussion in 'Oregon Fishing' started by G-Spot, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. G-Spot

    Went to Depoe Bay with the trailer in tow.... the plan was Friday fish Halibut, and then pull the boat and tow to Little Italy for a Saturday early bar departure, and a day of fun tuna action......

    Friday Morning the the conditions were as predicted or worse.... I was making a heading towards the Banana at 12-15 knts..... sloppy..... a couple of hours later we are at the banana two drifts for 1 black cod, when I got the report that the north end of the pile was producing fish....

    11 miles later dropped in and three butts on.... the conditions were much improved but it was approaching noon.

    We went north of Depoe Bay to go pull our crab pots..... I am pretty sure they had been checked by someone else.... I put them up towards the Siletz where others have been doing pretty well.... a couple of my bait bags had been uncliped and there were only 10 keeper crabs for 4 pots that had soaked overnight.....not many crabs in them at all, but the tuna heads were picked clean????

    Based on weather predictions, and other reports we decided not to tow the boat north.... went back out today for another limit of buttts and a bonus coho on the way in!!!

    Good weekend, But I really want to get some tuna!!

    Hope all others ahd a good time!!
  2. Moldy45

    ya got out and got fish thats what counts.
    good going John
  3. Flatlander

    An overnight soak and the snails and sand fleas will pick those baits into skeletons.
  4. fatdad

    You should have come on up to Gai. It was an ass grabber going over the bar and a shit ride out 12/15mph, 50 miles but the tuna were there and were biting. We only managed 13 but if I had more gas coulda stayed around and got more.
  5. Bearclaw

  6. G-Spot

    It was funny that two pots still had heads in the bait bags and two pots did not and the bags had been un-clipped from inside the pot.... I think something was up.... I have soaked them before and know how much bait is usually still in the bags.....

    Also, the charter got 57 crab for 8 pots in the same area?????

    I think they were checked....... Just my thinking...
  7. fatdad

    We were crabbing about a month ago up at Depot while we were out hali fishing. We came back and had a pretty good load of crab, we only needed a few for 4 limits, rebaited and put in same place. When we came back three of the 8 were way out of our string, no crab, and doors open. I know they can drag but not were we found them and not with the doors open. I know some crabs are pretty smart but. So I would say there are some real needy persons around there.
  8. G-Spot

    Yep.... it happens... bummer, but we still had some crab, so it was not a total loss.....

    Great time out with my friends, so that is what was important....