Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by chevelleman, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. chevelleman

    I want to try an experiment that if successful should help all us noobs understand your posts and reports better. For all those interested, would you post a term u guys use followed by the definition? Perhaps if it works it can be made into a sticky.

    An example would be something like

    Chicken= Albacore (Hope that's right!)

    You guys get the picture.

    Who can answer this one to start:

    Carry on my salty doggies!!!!
  2. sealskinner

    Toads= girls at the bar?

  3. speedgoat

    Wiping yer ass? :confused:

  4. FishWiz

    Unlike the dumb replies:

    Toads = any big fish in that category
    Chicken = Albacore
    Biscuit = WSB
    Flattie = Halibut
    Mud Marlin = Bat Ray
    Splitfin = forum we used to have a few years ago before this website got too big and commercialized.
  5. speedgoat

    You forgot to include fleshlight in that list. ;)
  6. Surfdoc

    cumsuckinggutterslut = Frank/Waatoosee

    Gagglessbiotch = Misuse

    Dirtycamelfuckinjihadbitchmuthafucker = Gato Gordo

    Coolhelpfulldamnwellhungallthechickswantthisfishkiller = Surfdoc1

  7. sdfishkiller

    ponies= dolphin, porpoise

    penguins= albacore

    hippo= bluefin

    carp= striped marlin

    DoDo= dorado

    cow= lg. yellowfin tuna

    mossback= lg. yellowtail

    yellowfin and yellowtail are not the same fish

    turdroller= sandbass or a red headed step child deck hand

    rattlesnake= sculpin

    kelp beds and kelp paDDies are not the same

    kelp PATTY is a drunk toothless Irish whore at any dive bar next to a harbor in the USA.

    ranchero=farmer=you fucked up.
  8. Steve K

    Oh, that's cool, I like "Ranchero"

    Don't forget Fatsos, those slug Albacore 30 lbs and up.

    Wing Nut = One of the guys on my last trip, (maybe that was me)

    Internet Fisherman = A guy who reads a lot on message boards, has all new bitchen reels and custom rods, but can't fish worth a shit.
  9. roxfisher

    Gay=95% of the peeps on this board
  10. spike

    And Donkey is equivalent to, Sealskinner, Chevelleman, Speedgoat, Fishwiz, Sdfishkiller, Surfdoc1, ect..............

    Herm, Mallard, and Duck can also be used
  11. medunn16

    You make me laugh every morning!LOL

    Thanks Rox!
  12. MacAttack

    And so close to his birthday - Man, that's cold. :food-smiley-014:
  13. jimdog99



    "Everybodys a little gay." -Big Gay Al
  14. 5150dude

    OBG = Oldie but goodie
    As in "Didja see the bolt-ons on that OBG?"
  15. Johnnyfish

    Chrome Bass = Bonito
    Slimer, Slimedog, Slime Stick = Barracuda
    White Sea Bag = Plastic Bag
    Butt Sniffer = Johnny B.
  16. MacAttack

    Expensive Fishing Gear (female definition): Man Jewelry
  17. Az.monkey

    Taco meat = bottom fish
  18. ConSeaMate

  19. bassspotter

    Coney Island White Fish - Used condom
  20. turo01

    I think I understand that grom is some sort of young fisherman. But why grom?