Deals on BassTrix & Osprey....

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by bigjake, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. bigjake

    Good Deals....
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  2. get some BD Writer

    Are you offering any deals on SPAM?
  3. Ready4TheYellow


    I'd say they were good deals if they were Buy it now...I get them for $4 a pack though...

    Yeah, your first post a while back to your ebay stuff I let slide.....this is shameless, The crowd will sort you out.
  5. bigjake

    pshhh.....Just trying to give a hand......and obviously don't care what ya think....3 bd guys have already bought them in the past 30 min.....And not everyone get them at a discount price...anywhere else, they are 8 bucks....It ain't hurting no one posting this, so don't get all bent....
  6. Ready4TheYellow

    I'm not bent I wish you lot of luck with your sells.
  7. Kareem Korn

    Your Ebay quote: "These things are GREAT! and are regularly $10.99!!! "

    Your starting bid is $5 + $2/shipping. I can save a whole buck on your quote here, or $4 on your Ebay quote.

    I'm so confused

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  8. bigjake

    Ya, sounds confusing, but they are 8.95 at any tackle shop if you want to be exact....10.99 if you shop online....
  9. fishnfool

    If you are selling something post it in the classifieds forum only. Any violations of this policy unless and until you are a paid advertiser of this site will lead to permanent closure of your account. Infraction coming soon. Please don't get bent. How's that for abuse of power Dessie?
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  10. Marcus

    Why not post them for sale in our classifieds instead of posting your links to e-bay?

    You don't pay for advertsisng and you're obviously using the site to make money so why not give back to the site that's letting you advertise for free.

    Think of this post as a warning. Don't do this shit again.