Deadliest Catch

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Kelp King, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. Kelp King

    New one tonight, from the looks of the previews it looks like its gonna be a good one.
  2. ReconDoc242

    i love that show....ballsy fisherman!
  3. tylerderdan

    I'm a big fan, love the show!
  4. FishingSloth

    By far one of the Best Shows on T.V. Today.
  5. albacore858

    cant wait
  6. tattooedfreak36

    And the season will be longer this year w/ the # of boats reduced but the amount of catch the same
  7. Robert Loughran

    Fuckn best show on TV! Those guys are studs (Not in the Saluki kinda way)
  8. Genelie

    My buddy did that for one season, brought home 15,000.00 ...But he said he would never do it again.
  9. fishpainter

    This is the best show,when I go to Vegas im so aggressive with my crab eating now.....I waste chewing the orange off the shell.You could not get me to do that job.....I HATE bad weather when im on a boat...HATE IT.
  10. drseiler

    That has been my fav-show,Istoked at a 2nd season.
  11. like whoa

    This a really good show.
  12. Spyder

    Great show! The cameramen are just as nuckin futs to be out there as the boat crew.

    Captain Sig look like a young Gary Busey.
  13. Hellbear

    Those guys are fuckin nuts. I have relatives that live up in Alaska that did that for about 10 years then retired up there. You want to talk about some tuff old okies. They are old people you don't mess with.
  14. spearboy321

    It was a sweet show and then there was Blood Sweat and Rigs was on. Those guys are pretty gnarly walking around on the bottom 500 feet down.
  15. albacore858

    what is that show about?
  16. spearboy321

    Commercial divers fixing the rigs that were either destroyed or hurt during Katrina and the other hurricane that blew threw the Gulf.
  17. pacific p

    Absolutly love that show. Its awesome.
  18. albacore858

    thats gnarley ill watch it next week