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Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by mooningu, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. mooningu

    I have a couple of vacation days I need to burn up, and I wanted to escape the I.E. heat, so I decided to try my hand at surf fishing for the first time.

    First off I want to thank the guys who have been posting their reports with great details. This not only inspired me, but helped out tremendously in making my first day an EPIC day !!!

    I started the day at 8:30 A.M on an incoming tide in Carlsbad. Found tons of sand crabs loaded with eggs (great tip from posts that works GREAT !!). It took me about 15-20 minutes to find a hole and then it was game on. For the next 2 hours it was steady action on good sized BSP,yellowfin, and BEANS !! The beans were all 10-18" and put up a fun fight. Carolina rig with 3/4 oz egg sinker was the trick. I ended up with a half a dozen of each species before the high tide shut things down.

    I took a lunch break and decided to move a little further south to South Carlsbad beach to catch the outgoing tide. I found a nice secluded spot, setup camp, and began fishin what would turn out to be the jackpot hole.
    For 3 strait hours it was non-stop action !! 9 out of 10 casts resulted in nice quality fish. More nice beans,yellowfin, and toad BSP. I ended up releasing over a dozen of each. The fishing was so good I even gathered a little gallery of spectators on the cliff behind me watching me giggle like a little girl with each catch.

    With the non-stop action I didn't take the time to take more pictures, but I did take one of the toad perch. These things were all around the 3/4 - 1lb range.

    Soooo.................long story short. It was an EPIC first day at surf fishing and I am now a surf junkie.

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  2. cmartin50

    congrats on your epic session i too caught my first corbina yesterday ,about 20"
  3. Gil Marlin

    If that was your first surf fishing experience, you're a fast learner... :D
  4. fisherman from

    wtg on the first outing in the surf....also side note,,,dont set your reel down in the sand..sand and reels not a good mix...
  5. mafrancis66

    Congrats on your first outing. What you learned for reading post here took me over a year to figure out.
  6. SDSUWarren

    Prop it up using the handle so you don't get sand in it, and it should be fine. Nice work on the beans! You slayed 'em! It's a lot of fun when the bite's hot.
  7. m_mcgourty

    Wish it was me...
  8. mooningu

    LOL I leaning more towards beginers luck. I have a feeling I'm going to smell skunk on my next trip.

    This is why I love this site. The guy below played a big part in my success.

    Your reports are what inspired me to get my ass out there. I can't thank you and the other surf reporters enough. I'm going back on Friday because...........

  9. mafrancis66

    Wow thanks! My brother and I have two friends that gave us the low down at the start of last season. We fished a ton and had good results, even when the sand crabs were scare. It's a cool community and everyone is pretty open with info and where they are catching fish. Have a great time, and maybe I'll see you in O'side one of these days.:cheers:
  10. Bank Robber

    Very nice day Dave! That sounds like some great fishing you had.
  11. Mo Betta

    Hey how much in fuel did you spend? Did your bait roll on you? See any sieners? LOL

    Surf fishing is a lot of fun, without the hassles.
  12. mooningu

    :rofl: I guess I forgot about the bitching part of the trip so here you go.........

    My day sucked at surf fishing. I had to spend about $30 in gas to drive down to Carlsbad and back to Elsinore. When I got there I had to physically dig for my bait. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS. I had to spend a whole 5 minutes to dig up enough bait to catch between 5-6 fish. I kept the bait in a zip lock bag and put the bag in my pouch pocket in my shorts so that I wouldn't have to stop and dig some more between fish. What was stupid about this was I forgot to close the bag once and when a big wave hit me some of the bait escaped. FUCK !!!!!

    While I was there I saw a big boat pull up on the kelp beds. It was loaded with a bunch of people trying to scoop up every fish they could find. It had to be a fucking seiner !!! Bastards !!!

    Oh yeah.............I caught a bunch of fish so I guess it wasn't a total loss. :D

    Tight lines
  13. bigefra

    Dave that sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck on making every trip like that one!
  14. jerr-dog

    Sweet man sounds like good times. Nice report, second one was funny lol. peace