Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by BillyGoat420, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. BillyGoat420

    THanks to everyone who put on day at the docks it was mine and my sons first time going and we had a blast. He really enjoyed checking out the charter boats, I dont blame him they are saweeeeet. Anyways got some takle and bought my first irons i got some tady 45's some tady 40's and some tady A1's hopefully they work out to be some good lures. Anyways Thanks again. O and while I was there i heard that there were 8 yellows cought out if seaforth in la jolla kelp so time to dust of your reels boys and gas up your boats. Any Boat Ho's wanna roll out next weekend let me know.
  2. 30lbbg2299

    I t was really fun to check out everything and i just purchased a new jig stick, not at the docks, and i'm looking for a newell to clamp on now then i will be set for some yellowtails. Were the yellowtails caught on a 1/2 day boat?
  3. BillyGoat420

    i believe so not 100 percent tho