Davey's Locker 3/4 day travelzoo discount

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by dan1, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. dan1

    Anyone bought this coupon? Any hassle associated with it? Seems like a good deal, but concerned with hidden stuff they don't tell you about.
  2. gspot

    Haven't used it myself, but have heard people have problems trying to use them when they arrive at the landing. Carry extra cash just in case.
  3. rizob1

    My wife bought me a similar deal for my birthday, I have'nt tried to use it yet. I've also heard of these being a pain in the ass to redeem.
  4. DaveysLocker Advertiser

    Hey guys, thanks for the questions about the deal we have offered on travelzoo.
    There are 2 deals that are posted, one of them is for just the boarding pass and the other is an all inclusive package that includes the boarding pass, 1-Day License, Rod rental, and our tackle pack set up. The main stipulation is that this is good for the FREELANCE ONLY and ONLY for the trip specified in the offer, no upgrades to overnighters or specialty trips. If there is any other vessel running the trip the voucher is not valid.
    In the past there has been confusion as to using these deals with both the landing and with those that purchased the deal, and I apologize for any inconvenience. These discount vendors are a relatively new, past year or so, form of selling our services and there has been a learning curve involved for us as well.
    There is an $8 fuel sur charge that will be added at the landing on the day of the trip. Also, as every company out there we do have a minimum number of passengers in order to be able to cover our expenses such as crew wages and the ever rising fuel costs. The minimum number of passengers right now is 10 whether they have the travelzoo discounts or not, in the past it was a little different which lead to the confusion between the landing representatives and our customers, we have solved this problem and made it a 10 passenger minimum.
    Other than that please read the offer closely and it should answer most of your questions, if you have any other questions please give me a call and I would love to talk to you about a possible fishing trip.

    This really is a great deal and if you are going to come out fishing with us this year I would highly recommend purchasing the voucher from travelzoo.

    David @ Davey's Locker
  5. dan1


    Thanks for the clarification but a few more questions I have.
    What does "This deal is not valid on holidays or holiday weekends" mean? No Sat and Sun?
  6. slydawg

    I think it means if the 4th of July is on friday, the following sat/sun are considered a holiday wknd.
  7. dan1

    I'm hoping to hear it from the man himself to avoid any confusion due to past problems.
  8. DaveysLocker Advertiser

    Holiday and Holiday weekends such as the Saturday and Sunday as well as the actual holiday of Memorial Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July, think National Holidays. The best way to do it is when booking your trip ask the representative if the pass is valid on the date you would like to plan your fishing trip.

    David @ Davey's Locker Sportfishing
  9. dan1

    I just bought some vouchers. Hope to have a good time. Will let you know either way.
  10. gupppy

    i bought the 3/4 day on travelzoo. This will be my second time at Davey's Locker through these deals. The first time was about a year ago? 3/4 day without a hitch. I was on the Freelance. It was fun, my first fishing excursion on a boat, ever. I got a few of my buddies to get the 3/4 day that just expired a few weeks ago. I haven't planned on when to use it but it'll be this summer. I can't wait.
    Just make sure when you reserve your spot, call them and tell them you're using the coupon or whatever and they should be able to let you know if it's valid that day or not....

    PS, i hope there's another deal coming soon because a few of my friends dropped the ball and ended up not being able to purchase it. Hoping to get a few more buds to go with me to get them in to fishing..

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