Dave Hansen at OAC meeting tonight 5/1/12

Discussion in 'Fishing Club Forums' started by BigJoe, May 1, 2012.

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  1. BigJoe

    Oceanside Anglers Club monthly meeting is tonight at the Oceanside Yacht Club in Oceanside Harbor. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM but the doors open at 6:30 to allow you to get started with dinner, beverages, and buying raffle tickets. Tonight we will be handing out the checks for last month's Open Halibut tournament and discussing the upcoming Thresher Shark tournament on May 19th.

    Our guest speaker tonight is Dave Hansen who will be sharing some of his wealth of knowledge with those in attendance. Dinner is $5.00 and raffle tickets are $1.00 the meeting is open to the public so you can check out what the club has to offer.
  2. Zombie

    And, one of the raffle prizes is a custom rod I just made for the meeting. There's pics of it on the rod building forum.
  3. Stanley

    Dinner and a chance to win a custom rod for $6? I'm there.
  4. Simon Bon Bowery

  5. I'M OFF

  6. nunyabizness1

    This was the BEST club meeting I've been to yet! Lots of great laughs with the gang, great presentation by Dave Hansen, he knows his stuff, and some fantastic raffle prizes! (Thanks BD, thanks Pat, thanks Mario, thanks whoever donated the reel that Tommy won)

    Dave Hansen gave a presentation on fishing for threshers for the club's upcoming thresher tournament. He was definitely very entertaining, very energetic and animated, and very knowledgeable! He had our attention! He raffled off a reel and rod combo for the kids and guess who won? Our very own Otto! That kid is a lucky kid! That started the raffle drawings for the evening and our table was winning several of the prizes!

    Otto/Simon won 2 or 3 more raffle prizes, Tommy (I'm Off) won, Kevin won and donated back a prize since he already had that prize and then they drew him again so he won the same prize again! Stanley was at our table and won, the new guy at our table won, everyone around our table won once or twice and I was the only one left who hadn't won a prize at our table. Then I saw the big flying gaff prize donated by Mario (Thanks Mario!) and I said, I want to win that prize! And sure enough, I won it!!! Not that I needed a flying gaff for my kayak or anything, but it was fun to win!

    Then Tommy asked if I wanted to trade for the Pro Gear Reel he had just won so I asked the audience and they all gave me the thumbs up for the trade, so I did! Both of us were happy! We had a lot of fun, this is a great club and their meetings are always informative and with good people!

    Here's pics from the night, sorry they are crappy cell phone pics!

    Otto posing with Dave Hansen and the rod Dave donated:

    oac otto n dave.jpg .

    Tommy with the flying gaff, notice how happy he is, he was just saying in the Lizardfish tournament that he needed a flying gaff...

    oac tommy gaff.jpg

    Tommy, me, and Tommy's daughter Zoey posing with our winning prizes, happy with our trades!

    oac me tommy.jpg

    Fun times!
  7. Carl

    Tommy doesn't need that gaff for the baby Lizards he catches. He should have worked a trade with Simon....Team Lizardfish needs that badboy...
  8. Simon Bon Bowery

    My crack made your ticket lucky..................:rofl:
  9. nunyabizness1

    OMG! :shithappens: I forgot about that!!!! Thanks, I think...

    Can you do that again at the next mtg? :waglleybooty:
  10. Simon Bon Bowery

    Anything for you Maggie....LOL
  11. I'M OFF

    HILARIOUS meeting!!! Dave was on fire:rofl::rofl:, stoking out the kids and keeping us entertained. Thanks for the trade off Maggie, now you have to come on the boat and use it!

    I have to say, Otto is a great kid! or he is trying to get to the ladies.:rofl: He gave my girl a cool pink hat, then when he won another hat he gave it to the other little girl. It's good having Simon and Otto in the group, Maggie, and other BD'ers.

    Randy, that rod you made was awesome! What a donation!

    It's a great group of people that know everything:waglleybooty:
  12. BigJoe

    We had a real good turnout last night, thank everyone for coming. There were over 60 people at the meeting. Thanks to Jim and the crew for the chili cheese dogs, fries, and brownies for dinner. We had a really great raffle as already mentioned thanks to all who donated and the club also bought some nice gear to raffle. Dave was a very entertaining speaker. Getting ready for the threshers to show for our club member only thresher shark tournament on May 19th.
  13. nunyabizness1

    Otto was quite the ladies man last night! I think that little girl he gave the BD hat to was actually blushing! :loverz: He is a good kid!

    Tommy, let's try that flying gaff out on May 19th!
  14. I'M OFF

    No can do Mags...........It wiil be wifey and mines 16 year Anniversary. We shall fish for Mr T soon though!!
  15. Simon Bon Bowery

    Otto want's to babysit Zoey...[​IMG]
  16. I'M OFF

    EASY!!!!! Did I show Otto my array of Anti-boyfriend weapons?
  17. Stanley

    Plus, he'll have to get the OK from me and Kevin.
  18. Team Ball's Out

    Very Nice!