Dan Richards needs our help !

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Buttchaser, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Buttchaser

    Via Keep America Fishing. Follow the link to easily and painlessly send a support letter to your state legislator.

  2. slayersmith


    Come on Guys shoot the e-mail!

    Takes 2 minutes!!!
  3. Anello


    Get on it Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. gatorfan

  5. Tues

  6. Aggro

    done 30 seconds
  7. baybassboy

    takes like 10 seconds... shared on FB also
  8. DoubletroubleII

    With auto-fill on my new computer..........10secs.......done
  9. Warwick

  10. Turkey Slayer

    DONE! That is insane... a guy goes on a legal hunt, does not break the law, and has to defend himself for doing so! The Tree Huggers are scarry...
  11. SERGIO

    Done and done...
  12. dgax65

    Assemblyman Ben Hueso (D – 79) has called for Fish and Game Commission president, Dan Richards, to resign because he legally harvested a mountain lion in the State of Idaho. The important thing to remember is that Dan Richards was a licensed, legal hunter taking part in a hunt that is authorized by the State of Idaho. No laws were broken and there were no ethics violations. Ben Hueso, on the other hand, has committed campaign finance ethics violations. Assemblyman Hueso has voted for a number of assembly bills that willfully undermine federal immigration law and state motor vehicle safety laws. He has called for preferential treatment for those illegally entering our country. So where does Assemblyman Hueso get off calling for Mr. Richards resignation? Mr. Richards engaged in a legal hunt. Assemblyman Hueso violated campaign finance rules and seeks to subvert the rule of law. It seems pretty clear to me that Assemblyman Hueso is the one who should tender his resignation. I am calling for the immediate resignation of Assemblyman Ben Hueso. Please join me in this effort.
  13. halibutnazi

    I tried to send an email to his office, but his inbox wouldn't accept it because I live outside of his district.

    This is a job for the San Diego boys.
  14. cdtuey

  15. eldorado

    Done..take less than two minutes.
  16. ilovecalicos

    Hueso is an Idiot!...............:shithappens:

    Guys this is very important issue. If commissioner Richards is ousted. There is no telling what tree hugger will get appointed by Moonbeam (Brown)...........A lot of hunters & fisherman from other forums are meeting at Goodfella's Restaurant at 6:30 AM in Corona, March 7th. The state commissioners meeting is in Riverside that day. We need to be there in FULL FORCE................ I can tell you that the anti's will be............:cussing:

    Here's the article fro the U-T-

  17. Monday Clubber

    I sent a letter to my assemblyman and Senator and this is the letter I received back from Joel Anderson, State Senator...

    "Dear Cynthia:

    Thank you for writing to me in support of Dan Richards in his position as the President of the California Fish and Game Commission. I appreciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts on this matter. I absolutely agree with you, that is why I authored a letter in his support. Attached you will find a copy of the letter.

    California is better served when people like you take the time to make sure we have adequate information on these issues. An informed and engaged citizenry is important to effective government in our Golden State.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to make sure I understand your opinion. It is very important that I understand your views.

    Please do not hesitate to call me at 619-596-3136 if there is ever anything I can do for you. Thank you.



    Joel Anderson

    and the letter he sent out...

    The Honorable Jerry Brown, Governor of California.
    State Capitol, First Floor.
    Sacramento, CA 95814.

    The Honorable Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California.
    State Capitol, First Floor.
    Sacramento, CA 95814.

    The Honorable Darrel Steinberg, Senate President pro-Tempore.
    State Capitol, Room 205.
    Sacramento, CA 95814.

    The Honorable John Perez, Assembly Speaker.
    State Capitol, Room 219.
    Sacramento, CA 95814.

    Dear Gentlemen:
    We, the undersigned, write in support of Dan Richards in his position as the President of the California Fish & Game Commission.
    Mr. Richards has served Californians for over three years on the Commission. He takes very seriously the Commission’s mission “to ensure the long term sustainability of California’s fish and wildlife resources,” and has a strong track record of balancing the concerns of all parties interested in conservation of those resources.
    Mr. Richards position has been threatened by some members of the legislature because he recently followed and obeyed the hunting laws of California and Idaho. The actions taken by Mr. Richards, for which he is currently under fire, were perfectly legal.
    Removing Mr. Richards from his position as a result of these actions is not just wrong, it’s completely illogical. If we were to consistently apply this logic, the next time the CHP Commissioner is traveling in Nevada and drives 75 miles per hour (the legal speed limit on many freeways in that state), he should be fired because California’s maximum speed limit of 70 miles per hour.
    I encourage you, as leaders of the majority party, to make sure that cooler heads prevail over political correctness.
    Joel Anderson
  18. Monday Clubber

    Send a letter to YOUR own senator and assemblyman...
    Not necessarily to Ben Hueso...
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  19. halibutnazi

    Great response from Sen. Joel Anderson! :appl:

    Thanks for sharing.
  20. Tues

    Well done, Cindy!