Dan Hernandez Fishing Swap Meet

Discussion in 'Events Forum' started by Tvdan, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Tvdan

    Dan Hernandez and the Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation will once again be hosting a fishing swap meet. The swap meet is open to the public and will be held in Cerritos Ca.
    Selling spots are available for $35.00. Please call our office at
    562-865-3764 for more information.

    11138 Business Circle.
    Cerritos, CA 90703
    • Dan Hernandez Fishing Swap Meet-2012 May Swap Meet.jpg
  2. Danny

    Sounds like a good place for some great deals. Kudos to you Dan for setting this up. I would be attending except I live almost 80 miles away
  3. dnichols36

    Hello Dan - Is this usually a well attended event? Do you have lots of sellers ? I'm looking for some deals.
  4. Tues

    Cool cause...

  5. FishingShirts

    Look forward to checking it out!
  6. Tvdan

    :appl:We have close to 30 vendors, don't miss this opportunity for some great deals.


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