Daiwa reels for sale

Discussion in 'Fishing Rods and Reels For Sale' started by Happyhooker, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. Happyhooker

    I got a deal on 13 daiwa sealine reels and decided to sell a few so I can buy some more reels (I have a reel buying problem).

    Daiwa 600h- sale pending for $60+shipping
    Daiwa 400h $50+shipping
    Daiwa 50h $45+shipping
    Daiwa 30h $40+shipping
    All have one piece aluminum frames, aluminum side plates and aluminum spools. I even had the rod clamps and hardware for them, and daiwa grease
    I'll post some pictures of them when I get home. I have 3 of each so I'll ship out the ones in the best condition
    You can contact me at 928-592-7570
  2. fishingman88

    Are these Daiwa Saltist 30H's? If so, please post pictures/condition if possible. I'll take all 3 at asking price.
  3. mc08066

    The 30h is a really nice old dependable cheap option reel for Southern Cal waters. Too bad I already have 3 of them or I would jump on
    the offer. Super easy to replace a spool in 20 seconds if you needed to. On some trips I'll bring 2 additional spools with 12 and 15 lb test along with my 20lb line.
  4. Happyhooker

    Pm replied.
    I also forgot I have 1 350h for $50+ shipping
  5. Happyhooker

    600h is back up for sale